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Your Faith Can Move Mountains

DearGodEmail_LR-22The strength and resilience of your faith can often determine the outcome of your challenge.  That is why we always encourage our patients to call upon their faith even as they go through their cancer treatments.  Read this amazing poem written by one of our God-loving patients, and you will know what we mean. Enjoy!

Dear God and Dr. Tony,

Sometimes we have a season,
Where we just don’t understand,
But if we turn it over to God,
His love will take our hand.

The how, the when, the where,
Isn’t always possible to know,
It’s only when we accept Him,
Are we to receive and grow.

Patience, Faith and Truth,
May be tested from within,
This means preparing for change,
For His plans to begin.

He won’t keep us where we’re standing,
But reward us with His grace,
With eyes in our heart now open,
New blessings to reflect on our face.

So turn your worries to trust,
A new season to unfold.
My heart now in the right place,
My hand forever to hold.


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