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Medical Tourism: Why Mexico Is the Place for Cancer Healing

Looking for way to heal your cancer that doesn’t break the bank and gives you access to highly effective alternatives to surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy? Then look no further than a 15 minute drive from the San Diego airport! Just south of the U.S. border, Tijuana, Mexico offers state-of-the-art alternative cancer treatments at clinics like Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.

From Healthcare Costs to Access to Advanced Cancer Treatments

The rise in healthcare costs in the United States is a significant driver of “medical tourism” for all types of treatments including cancer. Patients Beyond Borders (PBB), a consumer information company on international medical travel, lists Costa Rica, India, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey as the top destinations for Americans and Canadians seeking medical procedures. PBB estimates that more than 1 million travelers come from outside Mexico for medical care. For many, it is the access to less costly care that brings them to Mexico. For others, it is access to advanced procedures and techniques not yet approved in the United States or Canada.

In the last decade, Mexico has come into its own as a global healthcare hub, and Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers is proud to be part of that growth. When Dr. Antonio Jimenez, our founder, started Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers in 2000, he did so with a vision of healing cancer by addressing the whole body, mind, and spirit — not just the symptoms. Our steady growth in patients from across the globe shows us that our approach is giving them a new way of addressing their cancer healing. Our continued success in helping countless patients achieve remission and a higher quality of life post-treatment keeps us motivated to continue advancing our care. We strive to be the best at delivering non-toxic cancer treatments that are effective and affordable.

Holistic and Innovative Healing

In our experience at Hope4Cancer, we are able to offer effective alternative cancer treatments for much less cost compared to similar treatments in Europe or Asia due to our reasonable labor costs and lack of reliance on products from global pharmaceutical companies. We also do not experience the pressures from insurance companies to see countless patients a day, which allows our medical doctors to take the best care of their cancer patients. We also have a progressive Health Department in Mexico, which allows our clinic to offer the most innovative and advanced therapies available around the world.

Rest assured, Dr. Jimenez and I scour the globe every year for the most advanced non-toxic treatments and protocols.

Travel Precautions

Of course, when you travel out of your own country for medical care, it is always important to think about the safety of traveling to and from the clinic, the locale, and the food and water.

Travel: At Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, we employ our own drivers who personally escort our patients to the clinic from the San Diego airport, through the border, and any time they travel in the vicinity of the clinic.

Locale: The clinic is located in Playas de Tijuana, which is a safe neighborhood adjacent to the U.S. border and the Pacific Ocean. We literally can see downtown San Diego from our location. Since we are located beach-side, many of our patients are able to enjoy a daily stroll on the boardwalk or beach. They also have the option of going to the many popular American chain stores such as Walmart, RadioShack, and Starbucks that are close by. Since we established the clinic, we have never had a single safety concern for our patients.

Food & Water: To ensure that our patients do not experience any digestive concerns during their stay, we provide three organic meals per day plus bottled water. Our chef and trained kitchen staff always have the best interests of our patients at heart and source our ingredients from only the best suppliers in the region and across the border in the United States.

Your Partner in Healing

Cancer is a complicated disease with many forms and many causes. It requires a holistic approach for true healing to occur. At our clinic, our patients are not viewed or treated as just a number — they are people with hopes, dreams, and lives worth living. We are thankful that our seaside location in Tijuana California, Mexico affords us the opportunity to deliver an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan for each patient who chooses Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers as their healing partner.

If you want to learn more, please call 1-888-544-5993 (Toll Free USA) or +1-619-669-6511 (USA Based International Number) and talk to one of our caring and compassionate patient counselors. We offer a free treatment plan to get you started, then we will work with you to plan your trip to Mexico to start your healing journey.

What are your worries about traveling to Mexico for cancer treatment? Let us know so we can allay those fears! Comment on the blog or tweet @Hope4CancerMex. We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

13 thoughts on “Medical Tourism: Why Mexico Is the Place for Cancer Healing

  1. Hi, I’m from Mumbai, India and have always thought Hope4Cancer would be my first choice if I or a loved one was diagnosed. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. This May, my husband was diagnosed with Hepatocellular Carcinoma with an IVC thrombus. The thrombus was causing severe symptoms and could Bly be shifted with a stent. To avoid emboli, my husband is on blood thinners, injected daily. I have a couple of questions-1) Have you had any success with shrinking an IVC thrombus?
    2) Can people with an IVC thrombus fly?
    3) Are there good facilities in case an emergency crops up?
    We were really keen on getting to Hope4Cancer but need to know about these concerns.

    1. Hello Peri ave thank you for reaching out and sharing. We are not able to give medical advice directly through our website, but please contact our admissions office at 888-544-5993 or go to and fill out the form and one of our admissions officers can get you a consultation with our doctor.

  2. Thank you for putting these videos up! They are the perfect encouragement for the lay person looking for another way to heal. Keep doing them, please!!

  3. My mother in her late 70 lives in England, lives in Arizona has womb cancer, u am her daughter and i live in Arizona, please advise what you can do for her.

    1. Hello. I am so sorry to hear about your Mother. We are not able to give medical advice directly through our website or social media platforms, but please contact our admissions office at 888-544-5993 or
      go to and fill out the form and one of our admissions officers can get you a consultation with our doctor.

  4. Can you please tell me the basic cost of a three-week stay?

    Is there a fee for a partner to stay in the room with the patient?

    Thank you

    1. We are not able to give medical advice or cost information directly through our website or social media platforms, but please contact our admissions office at 888-544-5993 or
      go to and fill out the form and one of our admissions officers can get you a consultation with our doctor.

    1. Hello Jenna.

      We treat all forms of cancer at Hope4Cancer and all stages, and we have treated patients with Leukemia. Hope4Cancer contracted a statistical research team from Cuba to conduct an on-site, retrospective analysis of our patient data. Their study is currently on-going and the data is based on their report for the 2-year time period between 2015–2017. For your convenience, here is a link to a page we have discussing survival statistics:

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