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Holistic Healing: The Numbers Tell the Story

Holistic Healing: The Numbers Tell the Story

When you get sick, or someone you care for does, what type of treatment do you seek? From sniffles all the way to cancer, we all know that a good percentage of people actually consider holistic methods of healing as opposed to targeted pharmaceuticals. Holistic healing can be understood as the use of natural products and methods, based on the philosophy of the body being an interactive “whole” rather than a “sum of parts”.  There are various levels to the art which ranges from the use of over-the-counter supplements to sophisticated medicine applicable to serious chronic disease.  The foundation, however, remains in the belief that, with the right stimulus, the body is more likely and more capable to heal itself than with monolithic pharmaceutical interventions.

Click below to see an infographic about how the United States of America views holistic healing.  The rise in use of holistic healing among the more educated segments is revealing of how the philosophy has taken root not just as a fad, but as a logical and sensible approach to regaining and maintaining healthy.  We will let the numbers tell the story – scroll down below:

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Holistic Health in America

by borisbenko.
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