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Detoxify your Body, Sharpen your Mind: The Role Detoxification Plays in Brain Function

Detoxification has numerous physical benefits, but it can deliver incredible mental results as well. Studies show that detoxifying your body can sharpen your mind.

Toxins are everywhere — from the air we breathe to the water we drink to the food we eat. But removing toxins from the body is a significant part of our holistic healing approach at Hope4Cancer. I’ve seen many patients benefit from our detoxification processes, which involve the removal of harmful metals and minerals from your body to keep it functioning normally and enhance your recovery.


Why toxins impact the brain

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase “brain fog”? This can be described as feeling mentally confused, or feeling a lack of mental clarity. The “fog” can feel like a cloud, which reduces our ability to think quickly. Sometimes, it can cause a person to become forgetful, discouraged, detached or even depressed. Then there’s the lethargy. Toxins can cause us to feel sleepy and sluggish, even if we are well-rested.

Lack of mental clarity can hinder our performance in the workplace. When our brains aren’t functioning properly, we are less creative, less productive and less innovative. We may find it more challenging to concentrate, and we are more easily distracted. Our bodies are overwhelmed by pollutants, and this results in an inability to self-repair and function properly.

But it’s more than a little temporary brain fog. Toxins can even diminish our IQs (intelligence quotients). In a 2012 National Institutes of Health paper, “A Strategy for Comparing the Contributions of Environmental Chemicals and Other Risk Factors to Neurodevelopment of Children,” Harvard neurology professor Dr. David Bellinger analyzed the impact of toxins on IQs and brain function. Bellinger determined that Americans have collectively lost 41 million IQ points as a result of exposure to toxins.


How detoxification sharpens your mind

So here’s the good news: through detoxification, we can reduce damage. You can realize your brain’s potential and, ultimately, improve your life. Age is just a number; no matter how much education you have or how old you are, you can still improve and expand your mind.

Your body processes heavy metals, like lead and other toxic pollutants, and excretes the waste products through the blood, liver and colon. Hope4Cancer’s detoxification processes involve the removal of harmful metals and minerals from your body to keep it functioning normally and enhance your cancer recovery.

Detoxification aids your brain in thinking more clearly. Those who have undergone detoxification often say that they lose that sense of fogginess. They report that it’s easier to sleep, and find that the quality of their sleep improves as well. Concentration comes naturally again, and focusing at work is no longer challenging.


Detoxification Methods at Hope4Cancer

At Hope4Cancer, removing toxins is a critical part of our approach. We employ the following methods:
Near Infrared Sauna

The sauna’s near infrared heat penetrates the body, which stimulates the sweating process without the feelings of discomfort and suffocation common in high-temperature dry and steam-heat saunas. The sauna creates a “fever” reaction that strengthens the immune system, helps excrete toxins from the body and stimulates the dilation of blood vessels.

Coffee Enema

Key to sustaining a strong immune system is a healthy digestive system, and cleansing the colon is important for removing carcinogenic toxins. During cancer treatment, large tumors break down and form dead tissues. The body eliminates these through the digestive system. Coffee in the form of an enema is an excellent conduit for cleansing both the colon and the liver. When inserted rectally, coffee is absorbed through the venous system in the lower part of the colon, then goes directly into the liver. Most patients at Hope4Cancer are prescribed coffee enemas for detoxification as part of their healing.


Toxins enter your body from exposure of your body to contaminants in the air, soil and water. Many toxins make their way into our body from the foods we eat. Therefore, it is important to get educated about toxic foods and implementing that information in our daily diet to minimize the progressive accumulation of toxins. There are also many foods and herbs that can help reduce the toxic load. For example, regular juicing with quality greens should be a standard part of any person’s diet for daily detox.

Biological Dentistry

Unfortunately, many dental procedures that we consider required produce intrinsic toxicities that eventually lead to many types of cancer. Of all chronic degenerative diseases, it’s estimated that at least half and some types of cancer can be linked to dental amalgams, root canals, hidden infections and misalignment of the teeth and jaw.

All Hope4Cancer patients go through a biological dentistry evaluation during the course of their stay and are given recommendations. If changes are needed, our local biological dentist can help.

Not only is detoxification important to cancer treatment, it can sharpen the mind and lead to greater mental clarity than ever. At Hope4Cancer, we’re ready to help you or your loved one on the journey to healing.


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