Detoxification: Near-Infrared Sauna

More than 80,000 chemicals are registered for use today in the United States, with an estimated 2,000 debuting on the market every year. Of these chemicals, many have not been studied for adverse health effects. The human body is often overwhelmed by pollutants and toxins, which are found everywhere from the air we breathe to the water we drink.

When toxins accumulate in our bodies without any effective route of elimination, they get increasingly dangerous and can contribute to cancer. That’s why detoxification is a one of our seven key principles of non-toxic alternative cancer treatment and key to our holistic approach at Hope4Cancer. We employ many therapies for detoxification, including near-infrared sauna.

Near infrared light assists in the excretion of chemical toxins and heavy metals through the sweat glands. It increases oxygenation and strengthens the immune system — while also reducing the radiation burden in the body by removing radioactive particles resident in the tissues. The sauna’s heat penetrates into the body, stimulating the sweating process without the uncomfortable feelings of suffocation common in high-temperature dry and steam-heat saunas.

Furthermore, near-infrared sauna helps your body detox from cancer-causing industrial chemicals. From pesticides and rocket fuel to chemical compounds in cosmetics and deodorant, a person has 700 xenobiotic chemicals in their body on average according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It’s no wonder that our bodies, having accumulated these dangerous chemicals, need the detoxification benefits of near-infrared sauna.

Near-infrared sauna can also destroy cells that contain radiation, a dangerous problem in our world today. Exposure to even small amounts of radiation over the long term can heighten the risk of cancer. These weaker cells that may contain radiation are safely and easily destroyed with near-infrared sauna.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, designed to help release toxins from the body. But in most people, the skin is inactive, toxic and congested. This impairs the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins through the skin. Near-infrared sauna drives skin rejuvenation and shuttles blood to the skin’s surface, bringing nutrients and oxygen that allows the skin to resume its detoxification function.

Most of us are familiar with hypothermia, which is an abnormally low body temperature. Near-infrared sauna works by inducing hyperthermia, the opposite. This creates a “fever” reaction. The body naturally raises its temperature as a natural defense against infections and toxins. Many people, however, have a low body temperature because their thyroid (which controls body temperature) is functioning improperly — possibly due to heavy metal and chemical toxicity. Hyperthermia, therefore, raises the body temperature, powerfully assisting the body to kill bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. Tumors and mutated cells don’t tolerate heat well, and therefore, raising body temperature hastens their death.

Near-infrared sauna also boosts immunity. By enhancing white blood cell function, exposure to near-infrared light increases immune response and drives the elimination of pathogens and cellular waste. Just a 30-minute near-infrared sauna session causes a temporary three-degree increase in body temperature, an increase that is enough to stimulate white blood cells.

The deep heat from near-infrared sauna reduces pain because it is a proven method in reducing inflammation and increasing circulation. Stimulating the dilation of blood vessels (particularly peripheral blood vessels) improves blood flow deep in muscle tissues, reducing pain in joints and muscles.

Compared to that from other saunas, the heat emitted from a near-infrared sauna is considered to be completely safe and, in addition to all of its benefits, it’s a cooler option. Traditional saunas require high temperatures for profuse sweating, but infrared rays penetrate the skin and heat from the inside, as well as on the skin’s surface. This results in an air temperature that is much cooler, allowing you to stay in much longer and receive the fullest benefits. This is particularly significant for cancer patients or sick individuals who would not be able to tolerate a regular sauna due to intense heat.

In addition to its detoxification support, near-infrared sauna is just one aspect of how we use light energy in our holistic approach at Hope4Cancer. We consider light energy to have healing powers in many significant ways, such as the way we apply light in Hope4Cancer’s Sono-photo Dynamic Therapy where cancer cell-destroying sensitizers are activated by exposure to light waves of specific wavelengths. Want to learn more about how our approach to cancer healing can help you or your loved one? Reach out to our team by calling us at 1-888-544-5993 or 1-619-669-6511 for calls outside of the United States. Our team is here for you or your loved one on the path to recovery.

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  1. Is there any way a pt can be treated in the NE US.? For ex the infra red sauna and light wave therapies. Or any of the others? Any near NYC? Pt is weak and limited finances for Cancun as well as too far. What about Dr Kelly’s treatment plan?
    Thank you

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