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Three Powerful Podcasts for Cancer Patients

3 Powerful Podcasts for Cancer Patients

Knowledge is absolutely critical to an empowered cancer healing journey — and luckily, absorbing knowledge has never been easier. Thanks to the power of podcasting, all we have to do is press “play”, and we can hear from experts and survivors alike without disrupting our day. Whether you want to learn the latest advances in treatments and technology, get inspired by survivor stories, or dive deep into the healing methodology and results we see at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, we’ve compiled our top three must-hear podcasts for all cancer patients and loved ones.


For patients who want to see big picture statistics, click here: The Science of Self-Healing Podcast

Hope4Cancer Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tony Jimenez, joins the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute’s (BRMI) Dr. Sharon Stills in an informative power hour podcast, taking listeners through each of the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy, our unique cancer treatment methodology. In this special feature, Dr. Tony compares the 5-year survival statistics of Hope4Cancer patients using the 7 Key Principles to the latest reports on conventional survivor statistics provided by the National Cancer Institute.


For patients who want to learn about the latest treatments & technology, click here: The Anti-Cancer Revolution Podcast

In this expert interview-style podcast with Ryan Sternagel, Founder of The Stern Method, Dr. Tony gives us the rundown on the latest integrative cancer treatments, including photodynamic therapy (PDT), sound healing, spectroscopy, nutrition, and more. Tune in to learn the science behind these innovative treatments, plus how they work together to achieve full-body healing.


For patients who want to get inspired by survivors, click here: How Do You Health? Podcast

Hope4Cancer patient Carly Brown (@carlyloveskale) shares the details of her incredible healing journey with the How Do You Health? hosts, Jonathan Mendoza and Baldo Garza from MSW Nutrition. A powerful and relatable account of what it’s like to heal at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, Carly opens up about how patients can not only survive, but thrive after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

2 thoughts on “Three Powerful Podcasts for Cancer Patients

  1. Hola, tengo 3 años diagnosticada con cancer de mama, etapa 3 … me hicieron mastectomia, quitaron 25 ganglios, hicieron estudio mamaprint.. hicieron radioterapia.. reconstrucción con implante… y tengo terapia tomada con taxomifeno…. qué pueden hacer por mi? Gracias

    1. Lamentamos mucho su diagnóstico. Nuestros tratamientos son integradores y pueden ser complementarios a las terapias convencionales si el paciente desea seguir esa opción. El primer paso sería establecer una consulta telefónica gratuita con nuestro equipo para analizar las posibles opciones de tratamiento.

      Simplemente visita y completa algunas preguntas breves. Una vez completado, serás dirigido a una página de agradecimiento donde tienes la opción de reservar tu propia cita con un consejero de admisiones. Si no reservas tu propia cita, un miembro de nuestro equipo te llamará lo antes posible. También puedes llamar a nuestras oficinas durante el horario comercial, de lunes a viernes de 8 a. m. a 5 p. m. PST, sábados de 9 a. m. a 1 p. m. N.° de EE. UU. 1.888.544.5993 / N.° internacional: +1.619.669.6511

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