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“They Put the Care in HealthCare” – Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Patient

“They Put the Care in HealthCare” – Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Patient


How Life Can Change in A Split Second

“Literally one morning I looked up and had two lumps on either side of my neck, about the size of a dime,” remarks Dianna, a retired special education teacher. Not being one to slack on her health care she quickly made an appointment with her general physician who scheduled her right away. She endured three additional visits until, quite baffled, the doctor scheduled her for a biopsy.  In June of 2010, the news was delivered: “You have cancer”.

This is Not the End of My Story.  My God Doesn’t Believe in Your Statistics or Numbers!”

What is Mantle Cell Lymphoma?

Dianna found that she had Mantle Cell Lymphoma, one a rare forms of B-Cell lymphoma (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma) that is characterized by swollen glands, weight loss, night sweats, and often fevers. They may have a loss of appetite. This cancer is particularly aggressive and can spread to the spleen, liver, bone marrow and into the Gi tract. While males over 50 are the typical targets, women can also have this Non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Overall, general prognosis for those with this type of cancer is not good.  Dianna was told via a lecture that she attended, that even with treatment, most with mantle cell lymphoma only live another 9-12 months.  But Dianna did not accept this information.

“I just remember thinking:  ‘This is not the end of my story. My God doesn’t believe in your statistics or numbers!’  And so I went on with my life in as regular a routine as I could,” shares Dianna.


Conventional Treatment Options

I Didn’t See Myself Compromising My Body … Pumping it Full of Chemicals, Especially if it Would Only Buy Me a Few Months.  And Really, What Quality Would Those Few Months Be?  Sick All the Time? No, Thank You!”

Her oncologist urged her to start a drastic form of chemotherapy right away, but she declined in spite of his assertions that she would fade quickly if she didn’t receive treatment. “I just didn’t see compromising my body any further by pumping it full of those chemicals, especially if they would only buy me a few additional months. And really, what quality would those few months be? Sick all of the time? No thank you.”


Choosing to Be Mavericks

While Dianna attended a family reunion up north with her mother, her husband, Wayne, got to work on the net. He researched everything he could find on mantle cell lymphoma as well as diets that had been found to be successful.  When Dianna returned, they entered into a constant and consistent battle against her cancer as a team.

We Prayed a Lot … Staying Healthy in ALL Areas of Your Life is So Crucial, I Think.”

Dianna and Wayne managed to keep her cancer at bay for 2 years, defying the logic and medical establishments who were truly amazed that she was still surviving.  “I reduced all of my stress, and looked for excuses to laugh and to be with family surrounded by love. And I prayed a lot. We prayed a lot during that time and really staying healthy in all the areas of your life is so crucial, I think.”

Dianna learned to live in the moment and immersed herself into total healthy living, making lifestyle changes as well as dietary changes to provide her body with optimal health. “I cut out all processed foods,” she proudly states, “and I ate as much raw and natural foods as I could.”

Dianna also sought the help of a naturopath in New York who suggested that she be tested for gluten sensitivity. She discovered that reducing the gluten from her diet also helped alleviate some of the symptoms that she’d been experiencing.


The Situation Gets Serious

But, unfortunately, after two years the cancer returned with a vengeance in June of 2012. Noticing a huge distention in her abdomen, Wayne and family members rushed her to the hospital.

“I looked like I was 20 months pregnant with triplets,” jokes Dianna.  “I was really distended and they were very worried about me. The doctors congratulated me for having made it this far and discovered that the distension and the shortness of breath were due to lymphatic fluid accumulating in my lungs. One lung had collapsed entirely. They immediately drained the fluids and inflated my lung.”


It was at this point that she and her husband decided that maybe she did need some outside help. With grave misgivings she agreed to undergo chemotherapy on February of 2013. One short month after finishing chemotherapy, the swelling began again as well as the difficulty breathing.  The doctors wanted to put her back on chemotherapy, but this time she refused.  Chemotherapy had had its chance and it didn’t work for her.


Seeking Help at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers


… Dr. Tony … We Spoke for More Than An Hour And Not Once Did He Mention the “C” Word (Chemotherapy). I Knew After I Got Off the Phone That This is the Place”

During this interval, Wayne and Dianna had done extensive research on alternative medical facilities. They interviewed and spoke with several doctors, but at least two of them urged chemotherapy in conjunction with alternative medications.

“Then, I spoke with Dr. Tony on the phone.  We spoke for more than an hour and not once did he mention the ‘C’ word (chemotherapy).  I knew after I got off the phone that ‘this is the place’.”


Reversal of Symptoms

Dianna arrived at the Hope4Cancer Clinic in April 2013 and within a couple of weeks all of the swelling was gone from her abdomen and other lymph nodes.  She was even able to regain enough strength to begin her walking regimen again and walked for more than 2 miles each day without shortness of breath.

She was able to remove herself from her hypertension medications as her blood pressure remained at consistent levels. On her final evaluation none of her lymph nodes had signs of cancer, and with only a slight swelling still occurring in her abdomen, she felt and looked better than she had in years.


The Natural Cancer Treatments

Her treatment included rounds of Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, Hyperthermia, as well as supplements and other procedures designed to bring the body back into balance. She experienced little to no pain during the treatments and virtually no side effects at all. Additionally, the staff educated her on the equipment so that when she returns home, she and Wayne will be able to continue her treatments.

If There is One Thing I Could Relate to Others Going Through Mantle Cell Cancer, or Lymphoma, It Is to Rush to This Clinic …”

“If there’s one thing that I could relate to others out there going through mantle cell cancer, or lymphoma, it is to rush to this clinic. I only wish (as do many of the other patients here) that we’d come here first instead of wasting precious time on traditional treatments that didn’t work. They treat the cause not the symptoms of your cancer, and they treat the whole person so that you are uplifted, mind, body, and soul. They put the ‘care’ in healthcare.”

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