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"The treatment program itself was the most comprehensive approach I had ever seen, helping to detoxify, boost the immune system, and address the emotional side of the disease.

Since my visit to the clinic, my markers have made such a remarkable turnaround, to the point that I’m still in disbelief. 

After four and a half years of fighting so hard, for it to just turn around like that is incredible. I have more than just hope now. I know I’m going to beat this."

Hope4Cancer Patient - David Fellows

“I began the Sono-Photo treatments and during the first few weeks watched my CA-125 plummet." 

"All of my doctors were monitoring my lab reports and CT scans and with each report, the news was better and better.  Soon the cancer was completely gone.”

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A world of therapies, personalized to your needs


  • AARSOTA Bioimmunotherapy
  • Sunivera Immunotherapy
  • Immune Power Plus
  • Immunoimagery
  • Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy
  • Photodynamic Therapy Plus 
  • LED Light Therapy 
  • Abbalight Therapy 
  • Near Infrared Lamp Therapy

Sound and Light Therapies

At Hope4Cancer you get so much more with your cancer care. 

Each treatment plan is tailored to your individual need and includes a 3-week stay at either of our facilities including a companion. You'll also receive treatment to take home with you, and 1 year of Home Program support.  

We treat you as a person, not a diagnosis. Putting your body, mind, and spirit back in control over fighting disease. 

Trina Hammack, Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer - 10 Years Cancer Free

David Fellows, 

Multiple Myeloma Patient

Cancer is NOT a death sentence, there is HOPE!


Hope4Cancer Patient - Trina Hammack

Thermal Energy Therapies

  • INDIBA Local Hyperthermia
  • Full Body Hyperthermia
  • Near Infrared Sauna

Nutritional Therapies

  • Full Spectrum Nutrition Therapy
  • ATP-I Supplement
  • Personalized Nutritional Supplementation
  • Nutritional IV's
  • Herbs (personalized)
  • Vitamin C IV Therapy
  • Vitamin B-17 Therapy
  • PolyMVA IV Therapy

Biological Intravenous Therapies

Oxygen Therapies

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Ozone Therapy

Anti-Microbial Therapies

  • Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation
  • Microbial Herbs & Medications
  • Biological Dentistry

Magnetic and Electrical Field

  • Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (EMF)

Exercise Therapies

  • Vibrational Therapy
  • Vibroacoustic Therapy

The following is a list of therapies included in most of our personalized plans >>>

Leave behind fear and confusion and discover non-toxic, personalized cancer care at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers

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Beat the odds

Alternative Cancer Treatment | A World Leading Approach

No matter what your situation is, there is always hope — and we’re here to help. By using proven non-toxic therapies to address the physical, mental, and emotional roots of cancer, our multidimensional program is able to target cancer at its core and allows patients to maintain a higher quality of life through the healing process. Learn more about some of our alternative cancer treatments below.


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Cancer is a little bit like a runaway train — the train must be stopped to get the cargo out. Similarly, the first and most difficult step in treating cancer is stopping the cancer from spreading. Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy is a Signature Therapy here at Hope4Cancer, designed to halt and reverse the growth of cancer.

Why Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy?

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) produces effective results. In conjunction with other Hope4Cancer therapies, SPDT regularly causes a 20 – 35% reduction in tumor size within the first eight to 10 days of treatment. After 15 months of administration, we often see 70 – 85% reduction in blood flow to tumor areas.

SPDT destroys cancer cells in a way that is non-invasive, non-toxic, and with virtually no side effects. SPDT makes use of three components: a photo and/or sono-sensitive activator, a source of light and/or sound at the correct wavelengths, and a source of oxygenation.  

How Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy Works

The process begins at the molecular level with the ingestion of a sensitizer agent that responds to light and sound stimulation. An agent such as SP-Activate is taken orally and absorbs into the patient's bloodstream sublingually (under the tongue).  Sensitizers bind preferentially to cancer cells, leaving healthy cells untouched.

Once the sensitizer is absorbed, the patient is exposed to light and sound at the specific frequency and intensity that activates the sensitizer. This initiates a cascade of molecular reactions: the sensitizer agent passes light energy to oxygen molecules, splitting them into high energy free radical oxygen, energetic enough to destroy the cancerous cell it occupies.

Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers offer a highly comprehensive inpatient and take-home Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy protocol. This is complemented by careful work to address the causes of cancer and includes other treatments, holistic nutrition, and a detoxification program. Using SPDT in tandem with these healing methods, even patients with advanced stages of cancer have recovered without side effects.

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

Sunivera Immunotherapy


Watch the video above and learn more about Hope4Cancer's alternative cancer treatment approach.

Sunivera Immunotherapy combines GcMAF, a powerful agent in immunotherapy, with complimentary therapies and nutraceuticals to help balance the innate and adaptive aspects of the immune system. 25 years of research and expertise from leading Japanese and American research centers combined with Hope4Cancer's clinical expertise has led to the development of this proprietary treatment. Exclusively offered by Hope4Cancer, read on to understand how Sunivera works and why it might be right for you!

Why Sunivera Immuntherapy?

Our immune systems regularly fight to keep our bodies free of pathogens, shutting down any abnormal cell growth that could become cancerous. Tragically, one telltale sign of cancer is its ability to either shut down the immune system or adapt to avoid it altogether.

Sunivera Immunotherapy works to replace GcMAF, a natural biomolecule that is an essential part of the immune system's ability to kill cancer cells. Sunivera has been developed in Japan and the US over the last three decades and, unlike conventional immunotherapies, does not over-activate the immune system, alter immune system T-cells, or cause any known side effects.

How Sunivera Immunotherapy Works

GcMAF (Gc Protein-Derived Macrophage Activating Factor) is a naturally produced glycoprotein in cells obtained from the Vitamin D3-binding (serum Gc) protein. GcMAF is responsible for activating immune system macrophages into a form that can recognize and kill cancer cells. However, cancer cells produce an enzyme, a-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (Nagalase) that deglycosylates serum Gc protein, consequently preventing its conversion into GcMAF.

Macrophages exist in a variety of forms, normally lying dormant until the presence of pathogens or cancer cells. Once activated, macrophages become capable of consuming and breaking down the invading cells. However, if for some reason the macrophages aren't activated, macrophages either stay dormant or become sabotaged by cancer within the tumor environment.

Research and laboratory evidence has shown that GcMAF activates macrophages and help to effectively attack pathogens and cancer cells, simultaneously producing a positive impact on autoimmune conditions.

Clinical experience in Japan has proven that the benefits of GcMAF can be enhanced when used alongside other non-toxic cancer treatments. Sunivera Immunotherapy represents the optimal integration of GcMAF with Hope4Cancer’s synergistic therapies and nutraceuticals that modulate both the innate (macrophages) and adaptive (NK cells and T cells) immune response. In combination with treatments such as Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, Sunivera favorably alters the tumor micro-environment to a healthier state. This sets the patient on a steady path towards disease resolution and improved quality of life.

Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus

First developed in 1981, red light therapy was used to help treat cardiovascular disease. Today, more wavelengths of light have been developed for numerous treatment benefits. These light therapies include red, green, blue, yellow, and more recently, ultraviolet light wavelengths. Light energy absorbs into bodily tissues and blood triggers biological changes at a cellular level. Utilizing laser treatment to penetrate tissue, Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus offers effective pain alleviation and a more direct treatment of damaged nerves, muscles, cartilage, and bones.

Why Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus?

Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus (PDT Plus) offers a wide variety of anti-cancer benefits. Typical results include slowing and even prevention of metastasis, decreased weight and volume of tumor, increased oxygen absorption, reduced inflammation, and stimulation of the immune system, to name a few.

One beneficial result of PDT Plus is a slight rise in the body's core temperature. This is essential for helping in the disruption of cancer cells, but it should be noted that patients who are currently being treated for infection or fever should wait to use PDT Plus until treatment is finished.

How Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus Works

PDT Plus is administered in one of two ways: intravenous or interstitial, while the use of lasers is used in sequence and may or may not accompany the use of sensitizers. When accompanied with sensitizers, patients receive the maximum benefit against cancer. Each sensitizer has a corresponding laser light used first within the sequence of the laser therapy.

Each light wavelength carries its own benefits. For example, while the red wavelength stimulates the immune system, activating macrophages, the green wavelength aids hemoglobin leading to improved oxygen absorption. Blue wavelengths increase nutritional benefits and possess anti-inflammatory properties, while yellow wavelengths improve serotonin and vitamin D production, and are known to be antimicrobial. The ultraviolet wavelength reinforces the immune system as well as increases oxygen absorption. It's important to note that this is just an overview as there are several more benefits to each of the individual wavelengths utilized in laser therapy.

As mentioned above, using laser light therapy in conjunction with sensitizers results in the maximum patient benefit. The two sensitizers commonly used with PDT Plus are Curcumin and Hypericin. These agents offer benefits including reduced inflammation, slowed metastasis, and immunity boosts, as well as antimicrobial properties.

Both preventative and therapeutic, Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus offers endless opportunity for a variety of anti-cancer benefits while successfully addressing the common causes of cancer. 

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, Sunivera Immunotherapy, and Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus are supported by  many whole body cancer therapies as outlined in our 7-Key Principles of Cancer Treatment.

Continue reading below to see even more and find out how to start your journey to improved health.


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Watch the round-table discussion on Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus   in the video above.

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Alternative Cancer Treatment for the Whole Body

Since our clinic doors first opened in 2000, we’ve been able to treat thousands of cancer patients from all walks of life, coming from over 100 countries and all 50 states. 

No matter what your situation is, there is always hope — and we’re here to help. By using proven non-toxic therapies to address the physical, mental, and emotional roots of cancer, our multidimensional program is able to target cancer at its core while allowing patients to maintain a higher quality of life throughout the healing process. 

At Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, we treat the whole person, not just the disease.

Hope4Cancer Treatment Center - Cancun, Mexico

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