Q. What type of cancer were you originally diagnosed with?
A. Breast Er+ Pr- Her-

Q. What year were you originally diagnosed?
A. 2014

Q.What is the current status of your health?
A. The Cancer is still leaving my body!

Q. Please recall what it felt like when you were given your diagnosis?
A. Horrible, nobody wants to here that they have cancer, the Big C, all we here about is illness and death. I was afraid, big time!

Q. How did your family respond to the news?
A. Fear and confusion of course. Scared for me, scared for themselves.

Q. What were your doctors telling you?
A. If you have to get cancer this is the one you want, totally curable – breast surgeon.  Since I wouldn’t go allopathic the oncologist said “are you crazy? do you need a psychiatrist? You’re going to kill yourself with a 30% chance of reoccurrence

Q. Where did you personally look for information about your diagnosis/prognosis and treatment options?
A. In the beginning it was like I couldn’t find any information on treating cancer naturally

Q. Did you feel like you had options at this time other than conventional treatments?
A. Yes

Q. If you knew back when you were first diagnosed,  what you know now, what would you have done differently?
A. Yes, I may not have had the original lumpectomy and I definitely would have had more information.

Q. Please add anything else you would like to say about this time in your cancer journey?
A. I “thought” I had the lumpectomy, they cut it out, it isn’t coming back, it’s gone

Q. If you did any cancer treatments before coming to Hope4Cancer, could you explain those treatments and how successful they were for you?
A. Just a lumpectomy with the removal of two lymph nodes, I would never have allowed them to remove the lymph nodes, as it was I wasn’t aware they would take them, nobody discussed it with me. I would not have had the mammogram either.

Q. How did you find Hope4Cancer?
A. The Truth About Cancer documentary

Q.What was your experience like at Hope4Cancer?
A. WONDERFUL, LOVING, CARING, I couldn’t believe how open and caring everyone was. How could all these cancer patients be so happy?

Q. What treatments did you receive at Hope4Cancer?
A. Hyperbaric, Hypothermic, coffee enemas, infrared sauna, UVBI, ultra sono, Recall therapy, Vita C, B-17, Rigvir, nutrition consultations, supplement consultations, Infrared light

Q. What were the deciding factors in choosing Hope4Cancer Institute?
A. Rigvir, Dr. Tony plus the other treatments, the fact that someone was offering me an option that I didn’t have to have chemo to get better.

Q. Describe how your perception of the word “cancer” has changed, if any?
A. It taught me a lot about myself and my health, my body and my mind connection. Proved that I can heal myself, that the body is a perfectly planned instrument, we just need to learn how to play it

Q. What perspective in life do you now have that you didn’t have before?
A. That my body is amazing! That it can heal and do amazing things if we listen to it. That cancer is not a death diagnosis, it means the body is out of balance so lets find the imbalance and repair it so the body can repair itself. Cancer can’t live in a balanced body.

Q. What does the next 3-5 years of your life now look like?
A. It’s looks great! I just can’t wait until I get the one person to say, you are cancer free!

Q. What would you say to the person coming behind you, who may be experiencing what you went through, for the first time?
A. Read, educate yourself, talk to others, get more tests done. There is nothing more important than living a health life.