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How you can help someone's non-toxic journey.

About the ICRF

“We believe that natural treatment is a viable healing solution — not merely an alternative to conventional medicine. As such, we take great pride in knowing that patients who desire these treatments have access to them, receive the best available care, and are at peace with the decision to fight cancer their way.”

— Gary E. Teal, ICRF President and Chairman

Our partners at the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) have empowered countless patients who have chosen natural clinics for their healing journey.

On a mission to provide every individual the opportunity to choose the treatment that resonates most with them, the ICRF proudly acts as a financial resource for aspiring Hope4Cancer patients.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the ICRF accepts tax deductible donations and in turn provides financial assistance for patients seeking care. Whether you have a specific loved one you’re supporting or just wish to help any individual in need, 100% of the funding that the ICRF receives earmarked for Hope4Cancer is applied to H4C patients’ medical bills, with absolutely no organization fees or hidden administration costs.

Make a Donation

To support a Hope4Cancer patient’s journey, donate here and include the word “Hope4Cancer” in the memo section. If you’d like your funds to be applied to a specific individual, be sure to include the patient’s full name as well.

For donations totaling over $5000, please call us at 1-619-669-6511 to complete a direct ACH transfer to the ICRF.

Click here to learn more on donating from Cancer Tutor.