Quality of Life Surveys

Follow the Links Below as Directed by Your Advisor

Thank you for taking the time to fill out these valuable surveys.

You will need a Patient ID to fill out any of the surveys below. If you have not been issued an ID, and are at the clinic, contact Patient Services. If in Cancun you can contact Sandra or if you are in Tijuana you can contact Rolando. If at home, please contact your home program support advisor or email [email protected]

Once issued, please keep your ID in a safe place, because you will need to use it in future monthly surveys.

Please use the following links:

Admissions QOL Survey

Discharge Survey

Hope4Cancer Experience Survey

Home Program Survey (Follow Up)


Disclaimer:  These surveys do not require your name to be entered, only your Patient ID, which will keep your information unidentifiable to any third parties.  Also, the transmission of the survey is SSL encrypted for your maximized security. Despite that, Hope4Cancer is legally obliged to tell you that we cannot guarantee the security of your transmission.