Donna’s Brain Cancer Survivor Story

Follow Donna’s brain cancer journey below.

After receiving the devastating news of a brain cancer diagnosis, Donna Nottage, a loving wife and mother of two young boys from Australia, began going through the motions of traditional treatment. From losing her hair to being doubled over in pain, through all of the terrible side effects, her oncologist’s voice still rang in her head. No matter how hard she fought, all she heard was: “Unfortunately, it won’t make any difference.” Luckily, change was just around the corner, at the bottom of a smoothie glass…

A Smoothie Date with Kate: Meeting Kate Malvenan 

Thanks to a recommendation by her sister-in-law, Donna soon stumbled upon a piece of hope in the social media account of fellow Australian and Hope4Cancer survivor, Kate Malvenan. Unfamiliar with the options for alternative and integrative cancer care, Donna reached out to Kate to ask if she’d be willing to share more about her experience. “Kate immediately said, ‘Yeah, come meet me for a smoothie!’, and I thought, okay this is different! Usually it’s ‘let’s meet for a coffee or some wine’ but I’ll meet for a smoothie!” 

The pair connected over smoothies, and Donna was introduced to the world of non-toxic treatment. “I had never heard about anything like Hope4Cancer before… I was amazed. Everything is all natural, nothing can hurt you. It’s completely aimed at building the immune system, not killing it.” With the support of her family and some encouragement from Kate, Donna realized she needed to get to Hope4Cancer as soon as possible.

Defying the Odds: “I Am Healing”

Determined to stay alive for herself and her family, Donna refused to believe her oncologist’s statistics were the only option and made her way to Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers Cancun. From the moment she arrived at the center, she felt intensely loved from both doctors and fellow patients alike. It wasn’t long before Donna began to describe a profound transformation in both her body and mind:  

“You’re meeting people from all walks of life, and then you hear stories of patients returning for a checkup who have gotten the all clear after having cancer all throughout their bodies. It’s a miracle… I look forward to coming back and being one of those stories.”

To hear the rest of Donna’s powerful testimony, be sure to watch our video below and follow along on Donna’s blog, The Lotus Journals. If you or someone you love is struggling with cancer, we want you to know that there is hope and you do have options. Schedule a free consultation with one of our patient counselors to learn more about how Hope4Cancer can help you.

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