MaraGen Therapy

An Immuno-modulating Cancer Therapy

The world’s first calcium-ion delivery therapy, MaraGen uses Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium (SAC) to raise calcium-ion concentration levels in the blood and produce a number of anti-cancer benefits.

Cancer cells survive largely because of their ability to hide from the immune system. By secreting lactic acid during metabolic processes, they create and maintain an acidic micro-environment that suppresses immune activity and encourages tumor growth. Calcium-ion counteracts this effect and neutralizes lactic acid to a pH level of 7.4, normalizing the immune response around tumor sites and restoring healthy oxygen levels.

Additionally, calcium-ion has been shown to reactivate the p53 gene. Known as the “self-destruct” function of a cell, the p53 gene is responsible for initiating apoptosis in damaged and aging cells. Cancer cells override this function by producing a protein that interferes with the p53 gene, enabling tumor development and progression. Calcium-ion frees p53 gene from the NF-kB protein, allowing natural cell death to commence.

Through the safe and controlled elevation of calcium-ion levels, MaraGen can restore the body’s natural detection and destruction of cancer cells. Because SAC Calcium is significantly more absorbable than regular calcium, MaraGen is more easily integrated in the body and can stimulate an immediate anti-cancer hormone response.

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