Immuno-imagery is a powerful, comprehensive program based on the discoveries of pyschoneuro-immunology, or the study of the interaction between the mind and the immune system.

As research findings have shown, the brain and immune system communicate through an intricate network of neurons. A prime example of this is the common experience of falling sick during periods of high stress, in which the negative mental state results in an overwhelmed and impaired immune system. By teaching how thought processes can induce a biological response and simultaneously demonstrating how to open the mind to more positive thoughts, Immuno-imagery allows Hope4Cancer patients to take control of their healing experience.

Consisting of professional guided imagery, deep relaxation exercises, visualization video, and a soothing audio series, Immuno-imagery is a unique self-imaging experience that promotes healing from within through a variety of medical mind-body techniques. Visual tools illustrate how your body defends itself, allowing you to visualize and activate your body’s natural defenders, while relaxation techniques increase the efficiency of immune cells and alleviate stress.