Most of us know that dental hygiene is an important part of maintaining a healthy body. However, not everyone realizes the impact standard dental procedures can have on the incidence of chronic diseases, including cancer. All Hope4Cancer patients undergo a biological dentistry evaluation during their stay, and are given recommendations to take care of any issues that may be present. Biological dentistry considers all aspects of the body’s health while finding holistic solutions for the following potential dental problems:

  • Root Canals: When injury or infection damages the root of a tooth, a root canal is often performed to prevent tooth loss. However, during the process of cleaning out the canal and filling it with inert material, millions of dentinal tubules are disrupted, causing the tooth to lose its ability to prevent plaque buildup. As toxins increase over time, they leak into the body and can cause infection.
  • Dental Amalgams: Commonly referred to as fillings, dental amalgams are often used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay. Most amalgams contain a mixture of complex metals and mercury, a notorious neurotoxin recognized even by the World Health Organization to raise long-term health concerns. Silver amalgam fillings are composed of anywhere from 49-54% mercury by weight, slowly releasing mercury vapors into the bloodstream. If you are considering having your silver fillings removed, please be aware that the removal process can also release significant amounts of mercury vapor if not done properly. If you do not yet have dental amalgams, we recommend opting for mercury and heavy metal-free resin composites.
  • Cavitations: A cavitation is a hole in the bone caused by a pulled tooth that has not correctly healed. The tissue in the cavitation that once held the tooth in place can easily become infected and eventually evolve into a bacterial cesspool. The toxin-producing bacteria can in turn cause osteonecrosis (bone death), weaken the overall immune system, and impact health without any obvious pain or symptoms.