As real as it is difficult to quantify, the link between emotional states and the incidence of disease is inescapable. Emotional traumas have been mapped to specific correlating diseases, and guided imagery techniques are used even in conventional clinical settings as a means to fight cancer.

Recall Healing is our preferred method of uncovering those deep-rooted emotional traumas, often buried in the subconscious mind, that may act as potential triggers for disease or feed its growth. Working in tandem with therapies that address the physical causes of cancer, recall healing presents a different perspective of healing, opening up an understanding of our emotions and their biological connections. This level of awareness facilitates our ability to mentally let go, and allows the physical body to free itself from the biological consequences our emotional experiences may have caused.

Recall Healing is an ongoing practice of self-discovery that begins at Hope4Cancer. Patients start by filling out a questionnaire, designed to help uncover deep subconscious thoughts. With the guidance from one of our expert therapists, patients reflect on these answers and identify life events that have shaped them. It is important to note that we refer to Recall Healing as “practice” because it is something you must consciously and continuously build into your everyday life in order for it to truly work.

Emotional Therapy