PolyMVA IV Therapy delivers Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex, a redox molecule that is highly effective in transferring energy to cells. Because of its unique chemical composition, PolyMVA can dissolve in fats and water equally well, which allows it to penetrate through cell membranes with ease.

Once inside a cell, PolyMVA up-regulates the production of ATP, the cell’s chemical form of energy. This mechanism is supported only by healthy cells, not cancerous ones. When PolyMVA enters cancer cells, it disrupts its preferred glycolytic energy pathway, and leads to a change in the cell’s metabolic properties towards a healthier state. This ties in with the concept of cancer as a metabolic disease, which sees the main functional difference between normal and cancer cells being the way they metabolize nutrients to create energy.

PolyMVA can:

– Protect healthy cells
– Support gene repair
– Transfer energy to cells promoting healthy metabolic pathways
– Synergize the effect of treatments
– Minimize treatment side effects

PolyMVA is widely used and recommended by integrative physicians across the world. At Hope4Cancer, PolyMVA is given to selected patients in an IV format as an adjunct to a rigorous treatment plan. Once patients return home, they have the opportunity to continue taking the product in an oral format at a maintenance dose.