Local INDIBA Hyperthermia is a treatment that applies heat at temperatures between 104º-113ºF to a tumor. This therapy exploits the difference in electrostatic potential between the inside and outside of tumor cells compared to healthy cells. Sustained elevated temperatures deprive cancer cells of their ability to absorb substances needed for survival, resulting in cell death, tumor shrinkage, and destabilization of blood vessels feeding the tumor. The surrounding healthy tissues remains unharmed.

Additional positive effects reported in our patients include:

  • Increased blood and lymph circulation
  • Increased oxygen pressure
  • Decreased carbonic acid production
  • Decreased tissue acidity
  • Increased immune system activity
  • Cell revitalization

Local hyperthermia is painless and harmless, and can be applied via a number of energy sources, depending on tumor location. The INDIBA method utilizes a radio frequency current, delivered by placing the tumor area between two electrodes. In contrast to external heat sources, this technique avoids wasted energy going through the skin barrier, while the low frequency of INDIBA equipment allows for application even to sensitive areas. When combined with Full Body Hyperthermia and Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, this method results in accelerated reduction of tumor vascularity (blood flow), depriving cancer cells of important nutrients.