Integral to healing from cancer, nutrition plays a crucial role in recovery from the disease. Cancer patients face special nutritional challenges that must be addressed both proactively and therapeutically. Cancer cells hijack the body by parasitically siphoning off nutrients intended for healthy cells and re-routing them to fuel tumor growth. Cancer’s survival instinct allows it to adapt to a variety of nutritional regimens, utilizing different types of foods to feed its metabolic engine. Both the disease and the therapies used to treat it (chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery) aggravate the situation by undermining gut health and nutrient absorption. Concurrent chronic illnesses and conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and food sensitivities can further complicate the problem by restricting nutritional choices, altering metabolic states and hormonal balance, and introducing additional drugs with potential side effects. It is essential to avoid progression to conditions such as anorexia and cachexia, or reverse them if they have already manifested.

Full Spectrum Nutrition is a therapeutic measure that is designed to provide patients a pathway to progressively improve their nutritional status. Our approach looks at nutrition from various angles beyond simple dietary changes. These include optimizing energy metabolism, restoring gut health, rebuilding the immune system, balancing hormones, optimizing hydration, detoxification, etc.

Our program focuses on:

1. Personalized nutritional advice depending on patient’s age, gender, and prognosis.

2. Focus on identifying and removing dietary triggers for cancer such as oncogenic substances present in diets (preservatives, genetically modified foods, pesticides, etc.), over-dependence on pharmaceutical drugs, and correcting erroneous dietary notions.

3. Rotating diets to prevent the cancer from adapting to a sustained dietary pattern.

4. Long-term education through practical videos to ensure that a patient can learn and adhere to a nutritional regime.

It is empowering for our patients to know that hitting the brakes on cancer can be accomplished at least partially by controlling their nutritional intake. That is why our goal is to ensure that our patients finish their treatment cycle feeling empowered to go back home and sustain what they learn.

Nutrition Therapy