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Welcome to Hope4Cancer™ Treatment Centers, where you can receive world-leading integrative cancer treatment that respects you as a person – not a statistic. Our patient-centered care model treats the person with cancer, not just the disease itself.

  • We offer a holistic approach, going beyond the scope of treating cancer solely on the physical level by emphasizing emotional and spiritual
    healing as well.
  • We treat the root causes of cancer, not just the symptoms, addressing the biological factors of disease development while educating and
    empowering you toward a higher quality of life.
  • We understand that cancer treatment is not one-size-fits-all, and we factor the unique needs of each individual into our treatment
    recommendations by providing a personalized treatment program to meet your specific needs.

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New Standard Since 2000

Since opening our doors in 2000, our one-of-a-kind approach has helped restore health and hope for thousands of patients with all stages and types of cancer.

This is cancer care as you’ve never experienced it before.

Our integrative philosophy based on the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy™ offers a treatment method tailored to your unique needs. Similarly, our world-class centers in the peaceful destinations of Playas de Tijuana and Cancun, Mexico, offer an unparalleled environment for your cancer treatment experience.

We invite you to build the foundation for lasting health with an educational treatment program that addresses cancer’s root causes. You will receive access to more healing options and natural cancer therapies under one roof than anywhere in the world. You will be supported by a team of medical experts and staff who treat you as an individual and will become like family.

We invite you to discover your full healing potential at Hope4Cancer.

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Why Hope4Cancer

We believe that true healing requires more than just suppressing physical symptoms. That’s why our whole-body philosophy addresses each individual’s mind, body, and spirit, offering a comprehensive healing protocol that will empower you to continue leading a healthy lifestyle at home.

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Our Treatments

No matter the type or stage of the cancer, we offer more therapies under one roof than any other center in the world. We focus on treating both the cancer in a person and the person with cancer. Learn about our core therapies including Sunivera, Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, and Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus, or our other non-toxic cancer therapies.

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Our Patients Stories

From the fear and pressure of conventional treatments and doctors telling them how long they had left to live, to their transformation of education, hope and healing. We hope this film and their individual stories will relate to you, give you peace in the storm and let you know that you are not your diagnosis. You are hope and there is hope for cancer.

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Our Locations

Our Hope4Cancer centers are more than just treatment facilities; offering a refreshingly unique healing experience, they are a comfortable home away from home on your journey to defeating cancer. Our Cancun, Mexico location overlooks a tropical lagoon and the Caribbean sea, while our Tijuana, Mexico location is just minutes from San Diego on the Pacific coast. Both offer the highest level of comprehensive cancer care.

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Financial Resources

We want you to know that there is plenty of financial help available for cancer patients. These resources are designed to support your healing journey and allow you to choose the treatment that resonates most profoundly with your personal beliefs and comfort. Regardless of your financial situation, there are options available to ensure you receive the care you need and deserve. Since the Hope4Cancer treatment program is personalized to your unique needs, costs can vary from individual to individual. You’ll attend one of our cancer treatment centers for a 3-week treatment program, which includes over 200 therapy sessions.

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Why Integrative?

Integrative cancer therapies combine conventional medicine with their more natural counterparts in hopes of improving effectiveness, reducing side effects, and improving quality of life.

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The Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy

Our multi-dimensional, holistic whole-body approach to cancer treatment

Emotional and Spiritual Healing

The medical community has long recognized that there is a link between emotional and biological functions. Whether it be identifying potential mental roots of the illness, or increasing positive emotions to aid the body’s physical response, support therapies focusing on healing both the mind and spirit play an integral part of every Hope4Cancer treatment plan.

Restore Microbiome

Bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa all make up a complex ecosystem of microbes within our bodies. When this ecosystem is healthy and in balance, microbes play a positive, functioning role in our bodies. Unfortunately, many factors of modern life upset the delicate balance of the microbiome, causing microbes to become aggressive and pathogenic, and leading to higher incidence of disease. A key factor of each Hope4Cancer treatment plan aims to eliminate these infectious agents and restore the balance of healthy microbes in the body.


Oxygen forms the basis of both life and recovery. When the oxygen level of a cell drops below 40%, an acidic environment that promotes the growth of cancer cells is created. From simple deep breathing techniques to topical ointments delivering ozone directly to tumor sites, we incorporate oxygen therapy into each treatment plan to simultaneously support the healing of healthy cells and prevent toxic buildup.

All 7 Principles of Cancer Therapy

Developed by Hope4Cancer's founder and medical director, Dr. Antonio Jimenez, "The 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy" are the foundation for our unique whole-body approach to fighting cancer. Each principle addresses one aspect of the mind, body, or spirit, that is affected by cancer either directly or indirectly. Representing one individual part of a functional whole, it is essential for all of these principles to work together to achieve true recovery and improve overall quality of life.

Holistic, Non-Toxic Cancer Therapies

In the process of killing cancer cells, traditional treatments often end up destroying healthy cells as well. Our non-toxic cancer therapies target only cancer cells, keeping vital tissues and organs healthy while avoiding the debilitating side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation.


Your immune system is a natural healing mechanism designed to protect your body against all kinds of harmful agents. Our enhancement program uses biological vaccines to strengthen and stimulate the immune system, restoring its natural ability to recognize and fight cancer cells after being compromised by disease or toxic treatment methods.

Full Spectrum Nutrition

In order to function and fight cancer at its full potential, you must support your body’s nutritional needs. A central part of your Hope4Cancer treatment plan involves a personalized meal plan developed by our in-house nutritionist, assuring balanced caloric intake and introducing an alkaline diet of leafy greens and low-glycemic fruits for optimal cellular health.


On a daily basis, our bodies are exposed to a number of pollutants. From heavy metals found externally in our food, water, and air supply, to the dead cancer cells processed internally, these toxins prevent proper functioning and inhibit the body’s natural ability to repair itself. Our detoxification therapies act to complement your personal treatment plan, removing harmful metals and minerals, and enhancing your overall recovery.

Featured Therapies

Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus

An innovative and effective treatment with a long list of benefits, Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus builds on the foundation of Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy with a more direct application of low-level laser light.

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Salvus™ Bio-Immunotherapy

Powerful treatment that can be used in combination with one of Hope4Cancer’s core therapies.

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Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

Using non-toxic sensitizers that selectively concentrate in cancer cells, these can be activated using predetermined sound (Sono-Dynamic Therapy) and light (Photo-Dynamic Therapy) frequencies.

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There are many benefits to our strategic location in Mexico. As a result, we’re able to offer the most comprehensive care in one of the world’s most calming environments. Check out our latest blog post to learn more: Why Mexico is the Place for Cancer Healing. Furthermore, at Hope4Cancer, your safety is paramount. Visit our Travel & Safety page to learn how we ensure the safety of our patients.

Two Locations of Hope

Playas De Tijuana, Mexico

Playas De Tijuana, Mexico

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Cancun, Mexico

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