It may surprise you to learn that this rope-yoga-practicing, fresh-juice-drinking mother of two manages to live her life with passion and energy – despite her battle with breast cancer.

How is she doing it?


Life Before Diagnosis

For decades before being diagnosed herself, cancer has played a huge and devastating role in Erin’s life. When her sister Leah was diagnosed with cancer for a second time, Erin watched her endure the harsh effects of radiation and chemotherapy only to lose her battle in 2003 at the age of 35. Erin vowed that if she were ever diagnosed, she’d take a different, less painful route. But before that day would come, Erin would go on to lose two more of her closest loved ones.

In 2006, Erin gave birth to her first child – a happy, healthy baby girl who she lovingly named Leah (in memory of her late sister). It wasn’t until years later, in 2013, that tragedy struck Erin’s family again – this time taking the life of one of her unborn twin girls, Baylie. Less than a week after her death, Erin gave premature birth to Baylie and her surviving twin, Grace.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of the family’s brush with tragedy. In September of 2014, Erin lost her beloved brother Josh in a tractor accident. Having had a very close, almost maternal relationship to her brother – moving on became more difficult than ever.


“After my brother died, I just turned off, so I didn’t really care anymore about my body or health.”


Overwhelmed by grief, Erin found it hard to care for herself, putting her mental and physical health on the back burner. Instead, she focused her energy on being a great wife and mother to her children. It was while nursing Grace, just shy of two-years-old, that Erin began to suspect something was wrong.

She went to see a doctor, worried about a lump she had recently discovered in her left breast. However, because she was only 33 and nursing, she was assured that she’d be just fine; that she was too young for breast cancer; and that it was probably just an infection.

Erin returned home and carried on nursing, but after it hadn’t gone away in a few months, she sought a second opinion. The second doctor Erin spoke to decided to test her blood, but because her tumor markers have never gone outside of the normal range, they were unable to tell from the test results that she had cancer. Again, Erin was sent home, feeling defeated.

Eventually, nearly a year after noticing the lump, Erin went to see a third doctor – the same doctor who had delivered her twins a few years earlier. Although she, too, found it unlikely that Erin would have breast cancer at her age, she trusted Erin’s intuition and ultimately performed the testing necessary to diagnose Erin with Triple Positive Invasive Ductal Carcinoma – Breast Cancer.

Although she finally had a diagnosis, her biopsy only seemed to make matters worse. What was supposed to be an easy 45-minute procedure turned into 4 hours of painful prodding with needles, causing Erin to go into shock. Despite asking the surgeon to be careful with her milk (as she was still breastfeeding Grace), the biopsy resulted in a giant hematoma, followed by infections. She was frightened, but this setback only solidified her decision to seek alternative cancer treatments.

Searching for Answers

“I could hear God telling me the world is a big place, do not limit me.”

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2015, Erin began researching her treatment options. She already knew that she had no interest in undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, and sought safer, more natural methods to heal. She learned about Gerson Therapy and started the Gerson diet, but eventually grew so fearful of food that she was only juicing.

By the time she arrived at her oncologist’s office, Erin was so thin that it hurt to walk. She was given a few rounds of a Vitamin C IV, followed by immunotherapy drugs to address her HER2+ cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately, these treatments were unable to restore her health. Plus, she felt little compassion from her doctors, leaving her feeling uneasy. That’s when she began looking for ways to heal emotionally as well as physically.

Unable to continue nursing baby Grace and without her brother around to care for, Erin was consumed by her grief. It was too much for her to bear, causing her body to react with fight or flight, contributing to the growth of her cancer. Despite her continued research on clinics all across America, she wasn’t having much luck finding holistic treatments to manage both the emotional and physical aspects of her diagnosis.

Desperate to find the answers she was looking for, Erin expanded her search to other countries, researching clinics all over the world. That’s when she discovered Hope4Cancer’s clinics in Mexico. Finally, she’d found a place where non-toxic treatments and emotional healing would be the foundation for her recovery. With that, her decision was made.

Finding Hope

Alone in a new country to battle cancer, Erin was afraid when she first arrived at Hope4Cancer.

I went without a companion, which was extra scary. However, the nurses, juice ladies, cleaning staff, and kitchen staff hugged me constantly. I’ve counted – I get over 30 hugs at the clinic. I never knew I could be cared for or loved on like this. I had believed the lie that I didn’t deserve it. Hope4Cancer became my family.

As Erin learned about her treatments, she grew to love them and understand the unique ways they helped her to fight back against cancer. Unlike many conventional treatments, which do not specifically target cancer cells and can cause pain and detriment to the body, Hope4Cancer offers safe, non-toxic therapies designed to attack cancer cells while strengthening the body, mind and spirit. As she learned more about the treatments and gradually began to feel better, her fear turned into excitement.

In addition to juicing and eating a nutrient-rich diet, here are some of the therapies that Erin experienced at Hope4Cancer:

Sound Therapies for Cancer Treatment

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy uses a non-toxic sensitizer that selectively concentrates in cancer cells, and is activated by predetermined sound and light frequencies. This allows the sensitizer to react with oxygen to release energy in the form of reactive oxygen species, effectively killing cancer cells.

Light Therapies for Cancer Treatment

Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus

An innovative and effective treatment with a long list of benefits, Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus builds on the foundation of Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy with a more direct application of low-level laser light.

ImmunotherapyAARSOTA Bioimmunotherapy

AARSOTA (Autologous Antigen Receptor Specific Oncogenic Target Acquisition) Bioimmunotherapy uses a tumor’s own antigens to boost the immune system’s natural cancer-fighting abilities.

IV Therapy

IV Anticancer Therapies

• Vitamin C IV Therapy
• PolyMVA IV Therapy
• Vitamin B-17 IV Therapy
• Nutritional IV Therapy
• Other Customized IV Therapies

Emotional Health for Cancer Treatment

Recall Healing Therapy

Working in tandem with therapies that address the physical causes of cancer, recall healing presents a different perspective of healing, opening up an understanding of our emotions and their biological connections. This level of awareness facilitates our ability to mentally let go, and allows the physical body to free itself from the biological consequences our emotional experiences may have caused.

Heat Therapies for Cancer TreatmentLocal and Whole Body Hyperthermia

Local INDIBA Hyperthermia is a treatment that applies heat at temperatures between 104º-113ºF to a tumor.

Full Body Hyperthermia systemically targets abnormal cells and pathogens by raising the temperature of the entire body. In combination with Local INDIBA Hyperthermia, this method effectively creates sustained hyperthermic conditions proven to destroy cancer cells.

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“Hope4Cancer really helped. I know I needed to go somewhere with emotional healing because I needed more tools. And the recall therapy…
Oh my gosh. Totally kicked my butt, but worth it.”

Life After Hope4Cancer

During Erin’s time at Hope4Cancer’s Baja clinic, her tumor shrunk significantly and she was deemed healthy enough to return home to continue at-home treatments. These include daily coffee enemas, vitamins, yoga, and Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy. Erin also uses Full Body Hyperthermia every other day, which gives her body a low-grade fever, stimulating the immune system to fight cancer cells. Now, Erin goes in for checkups every 3 months to check the progress of her treatments – each time, bringing her closer and closer to complete remission.

By rehabilitating her body, mind, and spirit at Hope4Cancer, Erin has gained the tools she needed to take control of her own diagnosis from home. This allows her to lead a normal, full life with her family while growing stronger with each passing day.


“Cancer is not a death sentence. It’s a full-body illness with causes that can be healed. I’m not a hopeless victim.”

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