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Colon Cancer and Colon Health

Colon Cancer and Colon Health

The colon’s first and most important job is to remove waste from the body. This also means that if we do not take proper care of our colon health, we are at risk of toxic deposits that can accumulate long term, multiple infections that can all lead to colon cancer.

Cancer is when changes to colonic cells result in their beginning to multiply at an increasingly high rate.  The standard treatment for conventional treatments is a combination or surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  All of those methods have long term side effects and can create permanent quality of life impairments.  Especially in advanced cases, these methods have limited effectiveness, with the 5-year survival rate for Stage IV colon cancer patients being a mere 15 percent.

Alternative and all natural methods are extremely relevant for colon cancer patients.  These methods are not only designed to treat the cancer, but also promote better colon health, as they lessen the harmful side effects of traditional treatment.

At one time colon cancer was thought of as a disease that only affected the elderly, but it seems to be becoming a disease of younger people as well.  This is probably caused by two different things: first, people are becoming more conscious of the possibility of of colon cancer and are checking earlier.  Second, our unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles are causing huge turbulence in the state of our digestive systems making pro-cancer conditions emerge faster.

Ways to Avoid Colon Cancer

  • Your Diet.   The first way is to change your diet. You must begin by eating a balanced diet that consists of a healthy balance of vegetables, meats, dairy, and grains. Keep in mind that all processed foods lead to poor health, so you want to cook your own meals and use fresh ingredients that you cook from scratch.  It is more work, but it is worth it.
  • Reduce Obesity.   Colon Cancer seems to like an environment with fatty deposits, so reducing obesity is a good idea.  Try to avoid eating foods high in sodium such as sausage, hot dogs, and ham. Looking to turn your diet in a more positive direction is a great way to avoid colon cancer. It is also a part of many of the alternative treatment methods.
  • Exercise.  Another part of many alternative treatments for colon cancer is to keep your body working at its full potential by exercising. At least three times a week should do the trick, but do not be scared to do more if your body allows you to do so.  It is recommended to get about 150 minutes of active, aerobic exercise every week.
  • Hydration.  Your body is made up of 98% water; therefore whenever you need to improve how your body is working you need to increase your water intake. The cells use the water to keep the body running on all cylinders so you can never get too much. Keeping the body cancer free is important and drinking as much water as possible will help with that.
  • Colon Cleansing and Deoxification.  It is possible to clean out your colon from time to time. If you decide this is something you would like to do, you should consult a doctor or nutritional expert. They can help you clean out your colon the correct way.
  • Get Yourself Checked Out Regularly.  Finally you need to see your doctor on a regular basis. Even if you are taking all measures to avoid cancer, it can still emerge even though you have minimized the probability. You definitely want to catch it early if it does.

Hope 4 Cancer is one of the world leading natural treatment centers for cancer.  Dr. Antonio Jimenez and his team have specialized in treating cancer holistically without chemotherapy or radiation for over 25 years.  If you have been diagnosed, we recommend that you do not leave your treatment to chance – get informed, and take action now.




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