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The Power of Turkey Tail Mushroom – TEDMED Talk

Learn more about the wonderful properties of mushrooms and their potential in application against a number of diseases, including cancer from Paul Stamets, a leading authority in medicinal mushrooms.  His group was funded with a 2.1 million grant from NIH to study the use of Turkey Tail as an adjunct therapy to radioactivity in breast cancer patients.

It was found in this study that the NK cells increased in a dose dependent basis over a period of 4 weeks. Paul gave an emotional testimonial about his mother who was diagnosed with a 5.5 cm diameter metastatic tumor – stage 4 breast cancer.  A doctor recommended turkey tail as an adjunctive option.  Two years later, his mother stood with him on the stage as you will see in the video, completely free of cancer.

Turkey tail is one of the key ingredients of Immune Power Plus, a supplement that we use at Hope4Cancer to support the immune system along with our other non-toxic cancer therapies.

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    1. Turkey tail is one of the key ingredients in a Hope4Cancer formulated supplement, Immune Power Plus, which is part of most of our patients’ treatment protocol. You can obtain that by calling Pacific Medical Solutions at 619-825-6884.

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