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What the “Truth About Cancer” Is All About

Many of you have had the opportunity to view Ty Bollinger’s recent docuseries “The Truth About Cancer”. Hope4Cancer was privileged to have played a big role in this series represented by our leader and Medical Director, Dr. Antonio Jimenez.

This video really tells you what the Truth About Cancer is all about, why we love Ty Bollinger so much and why we are honored to be part of his venture. If you have watched the series, watch this video as well.  Each and every one of you has played a role in making this docuseries a resounding success.  Because of that success, Ty has been able to make charitable donations to key organizations who are working hard in the background bringing the message to the fore that cancer is indeed curable.

In this video, Ty Bollinger also reveals the next step of his ambitious project. “The Truth About Cancer” is going global in 2015!  Doctors and organizations from all over the world (not just the United States and adjoining countries) will be interviewed, so that all of us can gain a perspective of the state of the art in non-toxic cancer therapy at a global scale.

Hope4Cancer will play a significant role in this global adventure as well.  Accompanied by Dr. Jimenez, Ty will be meeting with our collaborators, the Latvian Virotherapy Center in Riga, Latvia. This visit to the home of Rigvir Virotherapy, will give our viewers a first hand look at the history and state-of-the-art in one of the most intensely contested fields in cancer research today.

We firmly believe that Ty Bollinger’s movement is the defining movement that will change the way the world perceives cancer.  The biggest breakthroughs in cancer are yet to come – you do not want to miss them, so stay tuned.

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