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Sabrina B.: Thyroid Cancer Patient

Thyroid Cancer Patient:  Sabrina B.


Meet Sabrina.   Sabrina has Stage I Papillary and Follicular Thyroid Cancer.  While the prognosis is good, there it is difficult to say when the cancer will metastasize.Here are some of her comments from her recent stay at the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers:

“I’d love to thank Dr. Tony for his caring, loving attention to each person.  I look forward to seeing everyone again.”

About her stay   “Relaxing, enjoyable, healing.”

What did she like best “The staff , nurses and doctors and all my fellow patients.  All new friends and family!  I am grateful for the bonds and friendships formed and the support and care from everyone.

If there is something you could change about your stay, what would that be?  “I would stay longer!”

Evaluation of Staff …

Doctors “Amazing, wise, dedicated and loving.”

Nurses “Loving, nurturing, kind, knowledgeable.”

Kitchen “Artists, amazing, wonderful delicious food.”

Housekeeping “Friendly and hard working.”

Reception “Kind and helpful.”

Administration “Kind, understanding and helpful.”

Patient Services “Loving, caring, knowledgeable and helpful.”

Would you recommend Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers?  “Yes!  This is an excellent environment for healing.  The whole package treats all of the person.  It has been a life changing experience!”

Did Hope4Cancer meet your expectations? “Definitely – I couldn’t ask for a better experience!”


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