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Thymus and Cancer: New Therapy at Hope4Cancer

Thymus and Cancer:  New Therapy at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers

We are very proud to introduce an extremely powerful therapy to Hope4Cancer’s arsenal of cancer treatments:  thymus therapy.  In an unprecedented new alliance with a German cancer and wellness clinic (Infusio) – (watch out for future announcements!) – we have been able to access the world’s most potent thymus peptide extracts that have been a great addition to our ability to fight cancer by stimulating the body’s internal fighting mechanism.

Thymus and Cancer:  Why is the Thymus Gland So Important?

First of all, what is the thymus gland?  The thymus is an endocrine gland that releases specific hormones that are crucial for the activation of T cells, special immune system cells that attack invaders, including cancer cells.

The thymus gland is extremely active during puberty as the body is growing up, but then it involutes and shrinks, and its function decreases significantly.  In fact, for the longest time, medical researchers believed that the thymus didn’t have any function beyond the puberty years.  However, that is not true.

The thymus releases some crucial peptides that activate T-cells.  The concentration of these peptides goes down with age, and it is simultaneously that the incidence of most cancers increases too.  Without enough active T-cells in the body, the cancer can now grow unhindered and manifest itself clinically.  In fact, cancer patients typically show lowered thymus function.

The Solution

Thymus extracts have been used to provide physiologically produced thymus peptides directly into the body since 1902.  However, the exact uses of the extract, as well as the potency of the peptides present in the extract makes our available product a game changer.  Introducing thymus therapy in cancer patients allows them to reactivate their T-cells and thus stimulate the body to fight the cancer once again.  At the end of the day, our bodies KNOW how to fight off cancer.  We simply sometimes have to provide it the right stimulus.

Thymus therapies combined with our well known treatments such as Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, Hyperthermia, AARSOTA and others are a powerful combination for any cancer patient.

Thymus Therapy will also form part of a prevention program for people looking to reduce the effect of aging, not just visually, but also functionally.

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2 thoughts on “Thymus and Cancer: New Therapy at Hope4Cancer

  1. What is the survival rate for a person with thymus cancer? I have been treated with chemo, surgery and radiation. I now have a recurrence only a year after I finished therapy.what is the success rate for your Thymic treatments? What is cost?

    1. Every case is different, and our doctors can give you a better understanding of your prognosis once they have reviewed your medical records thoroughly. Cancer of the thymus is not very common, and even large scale demographic evaluation in the United States is somewhat inconclusive. However, we do not treat cancer as a localized problem in one area of the body but as a confluence of instability throughout the body. Using that approach allows us to address the deeper causes that trigger the cancer, while we treat the tumor itself using wide-spectrum cancer treatments such as Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy and Rigvir Virotherapy. We strongly recommend that you contact one of our patient counselors, which you can do conveniently by clicking on the schedule a call button at the top of this page.

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