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Celebrating Five Years of Remission From Stage 4 Bladder Cancer

Charles Celebrates 5 Years in Remission from Stage 4 Bladder Cancer

“They had nothing left to offer me”.  Not an unusual statement from an advanced stage 4 cancer patient.  We hear it all the time.  After going through a sequence of treatments and a progressive depletion in the body’s ability to fight the cancer, many cancer patients are left high and dry, hoping for a miracle to help save them.  Some of those patients find Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers in Tijuana, Mexico in the quest of this miracle.

They Had Nothing Left to Offer Me.” – Charles D.

In Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, Charles indeed found his “miracle”.  Hope4Cancer does not, however, promote miracle cures.  Using Dr. Jimenez’s Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy, our treatment protocols rely on a science-based approach that treats the cancer terrain that caused the cancer, rather than the cancerous symptom itself.  Dr. Jimenez says, “We all have cancer.  But our bodies are strong enough to fight it off.  What caused the body to stop being able to fight?  Can we restore the body’s natural ability to win? Those are questions we answer at our Institute.”

Finding the Grim Truth

Charles’ story was no different.  He was diagnosed with bladder cancer and immediately went for radical surgery of the bladder, prostate, surrounding lymph nodes.  He had his bladder reconstructed from intestinal tissue.  Before the surgery, he was told that his cancer was in early stages and that his chance of recovery was 90%.

This is a wonderful place, don’t know if Charles would be here if not for this facility and treatment.” – Charles wife, Sandi, on Facebook 5/2013.

At that stage the bombshell was dropped.  Surgery revealed that the cancer had spread further than expected and his survival chances dropped to 40%.  Aggressive chemotherapy followed, but at the end of that, they found three new tumors in the liver.  At this stage, his survival chances dropped to 0%, with only nine months more to live.  Stage 4 Bladder cancer statistically claims 85% of all patients within 5 years of diagnosis, so there was really no hope for Charles.

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy at Hope4Cancer

Charles had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  He started his Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy treatments at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.  As one of three global pioneers of the Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy method, Dr. Jimenez has treated more than cancer patients with this treatment than anyone else in the world.  By the time he was done with his two week treatment, his CT scans were clear and blood work normal.

Today, Charles enjoys a wonderful quality of life with his wife and his daughter.  He checks his status periodically with the same results: he remains cancer-free.  His only regret is that he had found Hope4Cancer, Dr. Jimenez and Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy sooner.

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