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Double Helix Water: The Simple Complexity of Water

The Simplicity of Water is Complex

We take water for granted, don’t we?  However, from a scientific viewpoint, water is one of the most complex molecular systems in the world, especially in its relationship to the creation and maintenance of life.  Scientists have studied the unique properties of water over decades.  One of the recent discoveries is a new phase of water, a molecular structure of water that is a solid that does not melt at room temperature because it forms what researchers call “stable water clusters”.  The existence of these stable clusters that exist as a double helix, much like DNA, has been confirmed at the California  Institute of Technology (Caltech) using atomic force microscopy methods.

The Meridian System

Dr. Shui Yin Lo’s research indicates that that stable water clusters form the basis of the meridian system in the body, one of the key foundational principles of Chinese medicine that is effectively used for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.  The intriguing aspect of these meridians is that they can be demonstrated to exist based on function, but have been impossible to actually uncover. The meridians allow the flow of energy in the body (also known as the Qi), an innate self healing force that connects various parts of the body.  One of the theories of meridians is that they are composed of aligned stable water clusters, indistinguishable from all the water around it.  These water clusters are believed to be the conduit for energy flow through these meridian channels.

In scenarios that involve inflammation and abnormal growths, such as is experienced in cancer, the meridians get negatively impacted quite easily.  The role of stable water clusters in this scenario may be of great value.

Double Helix Water(TM)

Double Helix Water(TM) is a product developed based on Dr. Lo’s work on stable water clusters.  Thermography studies and live blood analysis (pictured above) demonstrate the immediate impact of double helix water within the first 15-20 minutes of ingestion.  Stabilization of body temperature and normalization of red blood cell shape and size is shown.  While Double Helix Water(TM) is not claimed to heal the body, it allows the body to heal itself by providing it one of its important structural and organizational components.  It must be taken on a regular basis to restore the body’s nutritional needs.

Cancer Patients and Double Helix Water

At Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, we have recognized the importance of Double Helix Water(TM) as part of our core program since maintaining or restoring good energy flow in the body is crucial to the patient’s well-being.  In addition to its role in maintaining meridian health, Double Helix Water has many other properties that contribute to overall health.  In fact, a double blind study conducted by a UCLA team led by Bonavida and Shealy, it was found that Double Helix Water positively stimulated immune function.

DOUBLE HELIX WATER is available at PACIFIC MEDICAL SOLUTIONS for purchase. Please call 619-988-4673 to place an order. The product is available as drops as well as different types of cream.

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