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Smiling Brain Cancer Away at Hope4Cancer

This will be a short article, because I want to let this card speak for itself.  I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Joshua and his Mom, Vicki, albeit briefly as they sat in Dr. Tony’s office.  I could immediately sense that I was in a room full of positive energy and brimming with expectation.  For many young people, a diagnosis of brain cancer is the equivalent of a calamity.  But not so for Joshua and his brave mother, Vicki.  Together, they decided that they will not let brain cancer overcome them, but do exactly the opposite – overcome brain cancer.

Joshua-LetterI could surely tell that this energy was partly coming from the environment they were in, under the caring guidance and supervision of Dr. Tony and his merry band of doctors.  Over the past 25 years, Dr. Jimenez and his team have given realistic hope to thousands of cancer patients, showing them that there is a better way to heal than the standard “cut, burn and poison” recommended by conventional medicine.  However, it takes a strong person to embrace the principles of healing that Dr. Jimenez stands for, and Joshua happens to be one of them.

With grace and a grateful heart, Vicki and Joshua wrote this amazing note to Dr. Tony. Here is the text of the note:

Our visit is coming to an end.  Many things have happened during our stay. These memories will last a lifetime. Joshua has grown emotionally and spiritually as well as being healed. We believe the brain tumor will not slow him down. Great things are happening to Josh. Your treatments are a success!!

We will continue to pray for Hope4Cancer and all you are doing here.”

We wish you the very best Joshua as you head back home, we know you will smile your brain cancer away.

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