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Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy Article Published

Peer Reviewed Article from Hope4Cancer on Seven Key Principles Is Now Available

Not accepted easily as part of mainstream science and medicine, it is not common to see papers on alternative treatment modalities appear in peer-reviewed journals.  This makes the publication of Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers’s paper on Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy  in the Forums of Immunopathological Diseases and Therapeutics extremely relevant.  

Authored by our very own Dr. Antonio Jimenez and Dr. Subrata Chakravarty, this paper appears in a peer-reviewed journal edited by Dr. Benjamin Bonavida, from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

This paper represents a significant step towards our growing efforts to highlight alternative cancer treatments in the public knowledge domain.  It also collects the thoughts that have served Dr. Antonio Jimenez, Medical Director of Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, as a compass in the treatment of advanced stage cancer patients with natural, non-toxic methods.


The Limitations of Conventional Methods

This paper looks at cancer statistics over the years and highlights the unfortunate lack of progress in combating cancer mortality and quality of life issues by conventional medicine.   We seek to explain why billions of dollars of investment and thousands of research hours have produced only limited results in cancer resolution when you compare it to other chronic conditions such as heart disease.

The Cancer Terrain

A picture of the larger view of cancer-causing influences is explained as a slowly developing, often non-symptomatic “cancer terrain”.  The crucial importance of alternative treatment protocols is highlighted as an important step in overcoming the influences that create the cancer terrain in the first place.

The Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy

This is followed by a description of Hope4Cancer’s treatment methodologies using Dr. Jimenez’s Seven Key Principles as the reference point.  We highlight some of our treatment modalities with a special focus on Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy.

Click here to read the official abstract of Hope4Cancer’s article, “The Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy:  Alternative Approaches to Disease Resolution.


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