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Sabrina’s Thyroid Cancer Story: “I Wanted to Keep My Body Whole”

How Sabrina Overcame Thyroid Cancer

Sabrina B. was a Hope4Cancer patient who was treated for thyroid cancer in March 2013.  She is now completely asymptomatic, living a full life and pursuing her dream of becoming a life coach.  Read this written interview of a young, decisive person, who lives her life for others, but also who decided to take charge of her life and say absolutely “No” to cancer. Follow along below for Sabrina’s Interview:

Please give us a brief description of your background.

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer (papillary carcinoma) in October of 2012. My doctors scheduled me for the ‘routine’ surgery (it was called a radical neck dissection) & oral radiation. While meeting with the surgeon, I became physically sick  and knew at that point my body was telling me this was not the road I needed to take. I believe it was found fairly early, the nodule itself was around 2-3cm in size. I started researching alternative therapies and treatment options the next day. Including research on the effects of chemo and radiation on the body and how surgery and taking fake hormones could affect the rest of my life. Easy decision to make for me!

How did you find out you had thyroid cancer?

I first felt a large lump in my neck which I later found out was my enlarged thyroid. The doctors in San Diego did an ultrasound & biopsy which confirmed the cancer.

Did you go through any treatments prior to choosing to come to Hope4Cancer?

I didn’t do any treatments prior to going to the clinic. I did make the decision to change my diet to vegetarian & started emotional work on my own.

What inspired you to seek non-toxic cancer treatments?

I knew I wanted to keep my body whole & I knew that ‘shocking’ my body with surgery & chemicals was not what I wanted for myself. I also knew inside that this was hugely an emotional issue that I needed to work on resolving before the physical would heal, and I needed to address the toxicity in my body.

What impressed you the most about Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers that helped you make the decision to come there?

My initial call with Dr. Tony (Jimenez) put me right at ease. I felt like part of his family & we had never met & I hadn’t paid him a dime. He was so kind, caring, genuine & honest. He spent about an hour explaining in detail all the treatment options & about the clinic and their approaches. I knew he believed he could help me. And I knew I’d be in good hands.

What did you like best about the Hope4Cancer clinic experience during your stay there?

I felt like I was staying with family right from the beginning. I was by myself most of my initial 3 weeks & the doctors, nurses & staff quickly adopted me as family. I made friendships that will forever change my life. The staffs support alone is worth its weight in gold!

What stood out among the treatments that you received?

I feel like the whole spectrum of treatments is what leads to the overall healing. The Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy was definitely an option that intrigued me. The BEST Healing program was hugely helpful as well.

What did you enjoy the most about being at the clinic?

The peaceful, healing environment, the staff & interacting with the other patients.

Did you have any prior concerns or doubts before coming to the clinic?  Were those concerns and doubts resolved?

None! I was able to go down a month or so prior & take a tour so I knew exactly what I was ‘getting into’. I was actually looking forward to the 3 initial weeks & would have gladly stayed longer. I felt completely safe the whole time & enjoyed many walks on the beach.

What is your condition now?  How do you feel about the outcome of the treatments and follow up?

I had blood work done from my family doctor in June 2014. All levels came back normal in my physical. I haven’t done a follow up ultrasound but I’m feeling great and confident of that my body is exactly as it needs to be! My thyroid hasn’t completely gone back to normal but it is getting smaller.

Your treatment program typically includes free 2-day return trips to the clinic for quarterly consultations and treatments.  Have you utilized this benefit?  How has that helped you in sustaining your home treatment program?

Yes, I returned 3 times in the year following my initial treatment. I always looked forward to my days there. It was like returning home!

If someone you knew had cancer, would you recommend Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers to them?  Why?

Most definitely! I truly believe in the doctors & staff. I believe their belief is a huge factor. Add their incredible wisdom, knowledge, love, concern & ever expanding tool arsenal and you can’t go wrong. Several friends & family have told me that should they ever be in that position, Hope4Cancer would be their first choice because of my experience & belief in them.

Do you have any favorite employees at Hope4Cancer who were important to you during your stay at the clinic?

How do I name them all? Dr. Tony & Dr Curiel have a warmth, kindness & knowledge that goes beyond any doctors I’ve ever met here in the United States. I shall never forget the meetings with either of them & the emotional healing that came out of the BEST Healing program with Dr Curiel. Dr. Ojeda was very friendly & helpful in calming me by answering any questions I could possibly think of medically & became a friend when I needed someone to talk to. Dr Quintana was always helpful, smiling & cheerful which put me at ease. Carlo is very comfortable to talk to & great at following up & providing whatever is needed.

Mariana, Susana, Michelle & Israel were all absolutely amazing in the care & attention they paid to me, even if they were not my main nurse on a certain day. All became friends! On the house keeping staff, Maggie was a true gem! She gave me lots of hugs & always stopped to say hi on her way out. Norberto & Eva in the kitchen were the true master chefs & always provided the yummiest nourishing food. I would bring them home with me if I could! Gloria of course is a doll. She is so efficient at her job & makes everyone there feel like a welcomed guest. I know I haven’t named everyone and I could go on… Safe to say I love everyone there!

Any additional comments?

I would highly recommend Hope4Cancer to anyone seeking help. I couldn’t imagine trusting my body and mind to any other group of doctors.

This interview and pictures are published on our blog with the explicit, written permission of the patient.  We value our patient’s privacy and would never divulge personal information without their consent.  

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    1. Thanks for your question. The patient is not only alive, she’s thriving. No signs of cancer. Sabrina now works as a life coach, running her own company, empowering people to take charge of their lives. No one better to do that!

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