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Recently Diagnosed With Cancer? Know All Your Options!

Think about being diagnosed with cancer. Does it feel like an ending rather than a beginning? Are the choices and options so stark that the general feeling is helplessness?

Almost all newly diagnosed cancer patients are immediately presented with one or more of the three principles of institutional care – surgery, chemotherapy and radiation – as their only possible treatment path. Worse, they are told their decision on moving forward must be made immediately, with no time for personal choice or investigation. A cancer diagnosis can feel like an end with little hope for a new beginning.

At Hope4Cancer, we’ve found a new path. Your cancer diagnosis is a beginning, not an end. As a newly diagnosed cancer patient, you should know there are alternatives to the toxic, immune-compromising treatments that merely try to eradicate the symptoms of the disease. Just as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation form the backbone of traditional treatment, we at Hope4Cancer have identified seven key principles as the foundation of our holistic treatment process.

Our Seven Key Principles of Cancer Treatment guide us as we seek to provide the most innovative non-toxic treatments and healing care to our patients. Understanding these pillars of our philosophy will help you understand who we are at Hope4Cancer and how we’re different than the vast majority of cancer treatment providers.

Healing the Whole Body

Each new patient is a whole person whose cancer is just one part of their whole body, rather than the sole target of care. We want to restore a healthy immune system and ensure patients have a better quality of life in the future. How can that occur when traditional treatments limit the focus to the unhealthy cells that are merely a symptom of the disease?

Our seven principles combine to benefit the whole person, from strengthening the immune system to producing spiritual and emotional healing. Through our holistic process, we can affect not only your cancer but your entire lifestyle. And we can help you down the path to a healing.

You shouldn’t be limited to choosing between one or two possible treatments. That’s why all seven of our treatment principles are part of the healing plan for every patient.

A Treatment Philosophy for the Whole Body

For each patient, we present a plan for complete healing of the body, mind, and spirit, to both directly and indirectly heal the cancer cells and decrease the likelihood of the spread and emergence of new cancers. What we want for our patients is a comprehensive, whole-body experience.

Principle 1: Non-Toxic Cancer-Fighting Agents

Our therapies, based on research and products from around the world, attack cells that have changed, without harming healthy, normal cells. These non-toxic therapies are clinically shown to reverse and stop the spread of cancer, while preventing metastases and introducing a healthier immune system. Therapies include:

Principle 2: Enhance/Optimize the Immune System

You already have an amazing protection force: your immune system! Through a variety of biological vaccines that stimulate and promote an antigen-antibody response, Hope4Cancer can selectively attack and destroy cancer cells. We want to strengthen and optimize your own amazing system’s ability to fight cancer now and in the future. Therapies include:

Principle 3: Full Spectrum Nutrition/Alkalinization

Optimal health means consuming a vast array of nutrients in the correct ratios and combinations. Full Spectrum Nutrition is a balanced dietary intake of healthy foods and plenty of alkaline water. Our clinical studies have shown that a personalized, alkaline nutrition program aids the body’s immune system. Our nutrition treatments include:

Principle 4: Detoxification (heavy metals and toxins)

Our bodies contain pollutants harming the ability to heal and repair. Our detoxification process removes harmful metals and minerals from the body, which improves brain function, digestion and absorption of nutrients, and overall circulation. Learn more about these detoxification treatments.

Principle 5: Eliminate Microbes/Pathogens

Medical evidence suggests that cancer is a disease partly caused by infectious agents (fungi, viruses, bacteria and lesser-known pathogens). Our Ultra-Violet Blood Irradiation treatment will cause the breakdown and ultimate elimination of these microbes and pathogens.

Principle 6: Oxygenation

Can deep breathing be the key to cancer healing? Increasing oxygen at the cellular level is an essential factor in reversing the anaerobic process and cancer cell growth. During their inpatient stay at Hope4Cancer, our patients increase their oxygen levels therapeutically with therapies that include:

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Cold Plasma Ozone Therapy
  • Rectal Ozone

Principle 7: Spiritual and Emotional Integrity

We focus on treating not just the disease but the entire being. This means mind, body and spirit. We have found many cancers are associated with emotionally traumatic events. The support therapies at Hope4Cancer, including Emotional and Spiritual Healing, have been shown to alleviate or cause significant improvement in symptoms such as stress, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, pain, fatigue and depression. To learn more, please check out Dr. Jimenez’s recent blog post on our Recall Healing philosophy.

Our Seven Key Principles of Cancer Treatment form the foundation of our holistic treatment process that will get you on the path to healing—not just the cancer but your entire being!

Which of these 7 Principles is the most impactful to you? Share your thoughts with us @Hope4CancerMex or by commenting on the blog or on Facebook!

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