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Hope4Cancer: Prostate Cancer Survivor

Prostate Cancer Patient Testimonial

Michael S. (Prostate Cancer Survivor)*

There are not enough superlatives in Webster’s unabridged work to begin to describe the experience at Hope4Cancer. It is like trying to describe how a beautiful morning sunrise or warm Caribbean breeze makes you feel. Until you experience it yourself no one will be able to tell you what you will then understand. The entire staff works tirelessly and with a spirit of compassionate service to help you in any way you ask. There are no “God complex” doctors, no rude nurses and no administrative cold shoulders in this humble and life changing/saving institution. I and my family are forever in their debt and it is one of my life’s greatest honors to say these people are my friends. I am a cancer survivor.

*Printed with permission of the patient. Last name hidden to protect patient privacy.

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