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Larry M: Tackling Prostate Cancer With Alternative Cancer Treatments

Larry M: Tackling Prostate Cancer With Alternative Cancer Treatments

Men of a certain age just expect that certain issues are going to be a part of the aging process. So, when I had trouble ‘going’ I just thought it was one of those things. I was wrong.”

Says Larry M., recent patient at the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.


Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Larry’s story is like many throughout the world who don’t consider that they will one day have cancer. In 2011, Larry called and made an appointment with a doctor to see what could be done about urinary issues that he was having. By January of 2012 he was finally seen and was immediately referred to a specialist.

Little was shared with Larry about why he was being referred to a specialist, other than he had more than simple prostate issues. For more than a month Larry had to wait to see someone to get some answers.

Living in Saskatchewan, in Canada, driving to the doctor at any point in time is a great production, meaning at least a three-hour round trip each time.  By April of 2012 a biopsy was finally done and in a few weeks the conclusion was that he had prostate cancer.


Prostate Cancer Overview

Prostate cancer affects over 250,000 men each year in the United States alone, making it one of the leading cancers affecting men. Prostate cancer forms in tissues of the prostate (glands found in the male reproductive system below the bladder and in front of the rectum).

This type of cancer affects predominantly older men and increases in risk if a man’s male family members have had it. Prostate cancer occurs more often in the African-American community than in others.

Like Larry, the symptoms of prostate cancer don’t always show up or are easy to understand, as far as the patient is concerned, they may be non-existent until the disease is well established.

That being saidl, there are some warning signs that men need to know about:

If there is a frequent need to urinate, especially at night, or if there is a difficulty starting or stopping a stream of urine, this could be an early indicator. Leaking of urine when laughing or coughing, or the inability to urinate standing up. There may be blood in the urine or semen. These symptoms are not caused by the cancer itself, but rather from the blockage caused from the cancer growth inside the prostate.

However, these same symptoms can just be an ordinary urinary tract infection as well. The only way to know is to have regular checkups.


Back To Larry’s Story

By May of 2012, with a diagnosis of cancer, Larry was scheduled for surgery. During a routine scan it was found that the prostate was not the only place where cancer had invaded Larry’s body.  It had moved into his bones as well.


Choosing Alternative Cancer Treatments …

Recovering from prostate surgery, the doctors wanted to immediately start Larry on chemotherapy and radiation, but Larry believed that he would like to work with a naturopath first, and try to deal with his recovery using diet and hormone treatments.

This only seemed to postpone things as after a brief time of recovery and health, the bottom crashed and he was back in the hospital again.


… But Back to Conventional Therapy

Giving in to the pressure to now go on chemotherapy, Larry decided to return to conventional methods of therapy.  But by January 2013,  it was clear that it was not helping given the aggressive nature of his bone cancer.

They offered to increase the dosage, but at this point Larry believed that if the chemo was going to work, it would have done so already.


Family Matters

He found himself running into someone who had gone to this cancer treatment clinic in Mexico. “My daughter really did a lot of the legwork,” he shares. “She found Dr. Tony’s clinic, Hope4Cancer, in Mexico and she did all of the research about it.”

He goes on to say that it was his daughter that organized a fund raising campaign so that they could make the trip from Canada to Mexico in March 2013.


Treatments at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers

Larry underwent all of the wide range of treatments at the clinic, but particularly liked the infrared saunas. He felt as if the toxins were coming out of his skin and that the cancer was being burned out of him.

Medically speaking, the infrared saunas used at Hope4Cancer treatment clinic is the same radiation that the sun gives off, without the dangerous UV radiation. In a recent journal article Lawrence Wilson, MD states: “If I were to single out one method to combat cancer, it is the sauna. It assists removal of chemical toxins and heavy metals, increases oxygenation, enhances the immune system, and reduces the radiation burden in the body.” (Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, June 2004).


More Than Just Treatments, Its About Treating the Whole Person

“But the Hope4Cancer clinic does more than just treat you for your cancer,” Larry is quick to say. “They treat your whole person. They do this BEST Healing program, they help you work on changing your diet, and they help you keep your spirits up. Do you know that in my three weeks there I never experienced one person on that staff with a sad look on their face, or in a grumpy mood? That might not seem like a lot, but when you are trying to heal, that sort of negativity can add up. “


Results Matter!

After three weeks at the clinic Larry was happy and proud to report that he had an incredible 80% reduction in vascularity of the bone cancer and that there was a slightly lower result for the prostate cancer. Needless to say he is enjoying being a grandfather again, and spending time at home with family and friends. “Don’t hesitate to tell anyone about giving this a try,” Larry offers.  “You really don’t have anything to lose.”

This article is based on the interview of the patient by a professional interviewer/ writer.  This article expresses the opinions of the patient. None of the treatments discussed have been reviewed by the FDA, and are not designed to diagnosed, treat, cure or prevent any disease.   

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