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Peter Lavelle is Bladder Cancer Free!

“I am very fortunate that I’m still here and in good health after  almost three (3) years of treatment for cancer. ” –  Peter Lavelle

Peter’s bladder cancer was not hereditary in nature, but rather it was caused by toxic poisoning acquired from his work environment.  This is another success story of a Hope4Cancer cancer patient who decided to pursue non-conventional integrative treatments following going through aggressive conventional therapy that did not work.

Peter’s Fight Against Bladder Cancer Leads Him to Hope4Cancer

Peter had already gone through conventional US AMA-approved cancer treatments which involved four (4) surgeries, sixteen (16) BCG instillations.  Despite all those treatments, in August 2011 he was given the choice by his doctor that his bladder and prostate must be removed or else he would die.

Losing trust in the abilities of his physicians to heal him, Peter started doing some research. He heard about Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers in Mexico from a friend.  Peter was seeking for remedies more on the realm of non-toxic, non-chemotherapy and non-radiation type of treatment. The more he read about Hope4Cancer, the more it made sense to him to consider its non-toxic treatments as a viable option.

Hope4Cancer’s Treatment Modalities Make Sense

Hope4Cancer approaches cancer therapy through its philosophy called the Seven Principles of Cancer Therapy. This requires patients to undertake whole body treatments, each principle providing a unique therapeutic advantage to the patient. Peter found great benefit in the fact that Hope4Cancer treatments offered detoxification methods and methods to rebuild the immune system using treatments such as vaccines.


Watch Peter Lavelle’s Video and Continue Reading the Story

A Massively Toxic Work Environment

Peter worked for many years as an executive manager for the world’s largest paper company, where there is nothing but chemicals and toxic in the environment. However, his particular job  did not require him to come close to any of these toxic chemicals at all.  He even used air purifiers to maintain a clean place to live all throughout his working life for 20 years.

In 2007-08 things changed.  He was “retired” from the paper company in 2007, as the company made room for younger, and lesser paid professionals.

His management and maritime experience helped him secure a job in 2008, he joined Noah as a crew member on an ocean research vessel. The environment was industrial. There was burning, welding and sand blasting going on constantly.

He worked in that environment for a year and a half. The problem was, they had no medical oversight, or any kind of safety supervision.  The filters and ventilations on the ship have every kind of toxic, they were never been cleaned for 20 years, and the air was very dirty circulating all throughout the ship.  He fought hard to improve the living conditions in the vessel, and from his efforts, the company made many changes.

But those changes were too late for Peter.  Exposure to the toxic poisoning led to his developing bladder cancer.

Keys to Peter’s Survival: Iron Will and Hope4Cancer

Peter dealt with this new crisis in his life all alone with no family there to help or assist.  He took himself through all his surgeries, recoveries, and finally, during his treatment at Hope4Cancer clinic.

In just two weeks of treatment at Hope4Cancer, Peter noticed changes in his body as he followed everything that his doctors ordered.  As a follow up, he went for a checkup to his doctor in 2012. A thorough analysis showed no signs of cancer. Peter was cancer free!

From Skepticism to Admiration: “Everything Was So Clean!”

Peter made a logical choice when he chose Hope4Cancer, but once he got there, his skepticism started getting the better of him. What if he had made the wrong decision?  Hope4Cancer is a small clinic that caters to a maximum of 10 patients at a time, with a 1:1 ratio of doctors to patients, ensuring that patients get plenty of individual attention. But those things are not necessarily obvious in the first two days.  But soon Peter realized that he had made a great choice.

What is Bladder Cancer? Bladder cancer is a type of cancer that begins in your bladder — a balloon-shaped organ in your pelvic area that stores urine. It is a disease in which abnormal cells multiply without control in the bladder. Bladder cancer begins most often in the cells that line the inside of the bladder. Bladder cancer typically affects older adults, though it can occur at any age.

One of Peter’s long lasting memories of the clinic was its utter cleanliness.  Everywhere he went, there was somebody cleaning something, keeping the clinic incredibly clean.

Peter says that he is “100% sure to recommend Hope4Cancer Clinic” for those suffering with cancer. “I am very happy with my experience there and with all the people in the clinic,  I have no complaint.  I am very happy with the outcome.”

It is important for people to know what options they have and not get caught in the hype of what works and what doesn’t.  Peter is certainly happy that it worked out the way it did for him.

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