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Patient Perspectives: Targeting Parasites to Beat Cancer

At Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, our innovative approach to cancer treatment focuses not only on the disease, but on the patient’s mind, body and spirit. Our sophisticated whole-body cancer treatment program allows us to comprehensively treat not just the cancer itself, but also the often-ignored underlying conditions that stimulate the growth and resurgence of cancer.

Pam Pinney, a breast cancer patient from Columbia, Mo., has a story that provides an insightful glimpse into one such underlying condition: parasites. She originally came to the Hope4Cancer clinic to continue her alternative cancer treatments, and she recently shared the details of her journey with The Truth About Cancer filmmakers.

In addition to her commitment to fighting cancer naturally, Pam, a former occupational therapist, enjoys running 5Ks. And because of her dedication to getting healthy, she expects to participate in races for many years to come.

My hope is that Pam’s story will inspire you to think outside the conventional treatment box when it comes to cancer therapies, and explore what might have caused the disease in the first place.

A Cleansing Path to Health

By Pam Pinney, breast cancer patient

In the summer of 2007, my husband, Harry, and I decided to do a 40-day fast, during which I lost 25 pounds. Soon after, as I was lying in bed, I noticed a pea-sized lump in my breast. A biopsy revealed Stage I invasive ductal carcinoma—a type of breast cancer. The doctor said without the rapid weight loss from the fast, I likely wouldn’t have noticed the lump and caught the cancer as quickly. Needless to say, I’m thankful for that fast!

I underwent a lumpectomy to remove the tumor in October 2007, and the oncologist told me I needed to follow the surgery with chemotherapy, radiation and tamoxifen. However, he never seemed too certain of that plan. One visit it was, “We don’t know what to do with you.” Later, when I was voicing concerns about the toxic treatments and damaging side effects, he said, “You’re going to die without it.”

After prayer and counsel from a dear friend battling ovarian cancer, I decided against further traditional treatments. The decision was hard for my family, and I can’t even imagine their fears. But I stuck to my gut with my husband’s complete agreement, and began making lifestyle changes, starting with my diet.

This persisted for the next three years. In the fourth year, the tumor grew back in the exact same spot. It was the same size as the initial tumor, but it was a little more aggressive. I was even surer of going with alternative treatments now. Harry and I both felt we needed to find all the causes of the cancer – the cancer “roots” – or I would never be able to fully overcome.

Good things kept happening. A naturopathic doctor, a friend of a friend, asked if she could look at my blood work. It showed no signs of parasites yet, but she strongly suggested a Blessed Herbs colon cleanse. I’d already done a few cleanses since my diagnosis – and we were in a tough spot financially – but she expressed urgency and even offered to pay. I agreed to do it. However, I got deathly ill a couple days into the cleanse, vomiting and shaking as the old toxic material came off the colon walls. I was doing coffee enemas every four hours and getting in and out of the shower as the major detox reactions accompanied the old fecal matter leaving my body. The photos are unbelievable, and I can remember the awful smell. Little did I know what was going to be revealed!

Over the next few weeks I began to see numerous dead parasites in my stool. The naturopath friend had me use a colander so I could better see what was exiting my body. I had taken parasite medicine years ago when I was first diagnosed with cancer. An internal medicine doctor had suspected parasites, but the medications didn’t have an effect. I believe it’s because they hide in the mucoid plaque. The colon cleanse, however, had removed that hiding place, and now we were seeing them dead!

For many months we kept seeing them! The naturopath friend knew we needed help as the infestation was much worse than she had suspected. She referred me to Dr. d’Angelo at ParaWellness Research. He identified several parasites in stool and in photographs. I had hundreds of pictures, but he said the ones we couldn’t see with the naked eye and only under a microscope were really the ones killing me! He also mentioned that every cancer patient who had sent him samples had a parasite. I was beginning to see that parasites could be a root cause for many people, as Hulda Clark had suggested in her book, “The Cure for All Diseases.”

As the parasites were eradicated from my body, the tumor began to positively change. However, I still felt like I could use some extra help. That’s when I went to Hope4Cancer. During my three weeks there, I did nothing specifically to target my parasites, but I still left with fewer than I’d arrived with as a side effect of the other treatments. My treatments included alkaline water, hyperthermia (local Indiba, local infrared lamp, near infrared sauna, full body), Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, AARSOTA immune therapy, coffee enema, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Poly-MVA IV therapy, energy medicine (PEMF), and Emotional and Spiritual Healing.

As it turned out, I had at least 33 different types of parasites. I’m still battling some of the last ones, but the load is definitely decreasing. It’s interesting, too, because I’m no longer very concerned about my cancer; instead, I’m focused on the parasites because I know they’re the root cause. And I know as we chop the roots, the cancer will eventually wither and die. The parasites broke down my gut and immune system, and cancer could only thrive because my immune system was so compromised.

An interesting note here is that I used to be a person who actually helped parasitic people, allowing them to suck life out of me by not setting healthy boundaries. I’m guarding my heart and life much better now, learning to take good care of myself first so I can be around for years to come to help others who truly want to progress and who don’t just suck life out of you!

I’m still following a Hope4Cancer Home Program, which has been an empowering blessing! I continue to overcome the parasites at home with prayer and meditation, essential oils, alkaline water, juicing, vitamins and supplements, Poly-MVA, full-body hyperthermia, Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, chiropractic care, coffee enemas, colonics, lymph massage and exercise. I’m detoxing and guarding my spirit, soul and body from parasites. And while I have ups and downs, I have no doubt I’m on the right path. I ran three 5K’s in one week just last month! The parasites – “cancer monsters” as I call them – now fear me, instead of me fearing them!

Have you ever treated cancer by targeting parasites? What was your experience? Join the conversation by tweeting @Hope4CancerMex or commenting on the blog or Facebook page.

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  1. This was so informative! I have parasites and just received a cancer diagnosis. Ive been trying to rid them for 3 weeks. I beleive I will go to Hope4Cancer myself. Calling today!

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