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Patient Perspective: When Traditional Medicine Isn’t Enough

At Hope4Cancer, many of our patients come to us after traditional treatments have come up short. That was the case with Charles Daniel, a bladder cancer patient from Georgia. Charles came to the clinic in 2008 after researching several other options, and then followed our at-home program to great success. His story shows that even when traditional treatments seem to fail, hope is never lost.

Finding Success After Traditional Treatment

By Charles Daniel, bladder cancer patient

In January 2007, I was diagnosed with invasive bladder cancer, which meant the cancer was in the muscle wall of my bladder and had the potential to spread to other organs and systems throughout my body. My doctor recommended surgery to remove my bladder, prostate and surrounding lymph nodes. The treatment had a cure rate of about 90 percent and wouldn’t require any follow-up treatment with chemotherapy or radiation. That all sounded pretty good to me, especially because my daughter was 11 years old at the time, and I wanted nothing more than to watch her grow up.

I had a great surgeon, and the surgery went really well; however, it revealed the cancer was also in my lymph nodes—something that had previously gone undetected. Suddenly, the possible cure rate of about 90 percent went down to about 40 percent—and I was going to need chemotherapy.

I met with an oncologist, who requested another scan. The results showed three tumors in my liver, a discovery that again shrunk that rate, this time from 40 percent down to pretty much nothing. The average life expectancy when bladder cancer has metastasized to the liver is usually about nine months.

Even with that bleak prognosis, I wanted to do what I could to live as long as possible, so I went ahead with the chemo. At the end of my treatment, two of the three tumors in my liver had disappeared, and the largest had shrunk; I then had surgery to remove it.

Following surgery, I tried some infusions and supplements to try to prevent the cancer from coming back. But in March 2008, a CT scan showed I hadn’t been successful—the cancer had returned to my liver. I had another surgery, which was an ablation procedure to remove the tumor. My oncologist told me my body couldn’t handle any more chemo, so my family and I started researching alternative cancer treatments and clinics. I called Hope4Cancer and was encouraged by what I heard, so in May 2008, I made the trip.

A couple of things really sold me on Hope4Cancer. First, there was no hesitation from them when I asked if they’d had success getting cancer out the liver. Second, I was impressed by the strong home program. A lot of the other places I’d interviewed had an intensive inpatient program, but the home program seemed relatively weak. I knew the two weeks I planned to stay at the clinic weren’t going to be enough, but with the strong home program, I really felt like I had a chance.

Sure enough, I completed Hope4Cancer’s inpatient program and continued with the home program, and I’m proud to say that since then, all of my tests and scans have indicated I’m cancer-free—seven years and counting! I consider every day a great day to be alive.

There was a point in which I didn’t think I’d see my daughter through middle school. Now she’s graduated from high school and just completed her first year of college. The urologist who performed my initial surgery says I’m a miracle, and my oncologist says he’s never seen anyone with bladder cancer that’s spread to the liver live this long.

I had great doctors all along the way, and I give credit to each of them for getting me to the next point. Hope4Cancer was no exception. Everyone at the clinic had a smile and truly cared about me. There I wasn’t a number, I was a person. And thanks to Hope4Cancer, I’m a person who’s going to keep on living and watching my daughter grow.

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