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Patient Perspective: Healing from the Inside Out With Light and Sound

I love witnessing the remarkable progress made by our patients using our natural therapies! One of those treatments – Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) – is nontoxic and noninvasive, and is used to help patients heal from cancers of different types and stages. 

SPDT uses a chlorophyll-like agent present in algae, which is taken orally and diffuses into (and retained selectively) in cancer cells. Light and sound waves are then applied to the body, and the agent “explodes” into free radical oxygen, instantly killing the cancer cells. The use of a light-sensitive agent for the treatment of cancers is an approved therapy in the United States and United Kingdom, and is also used in China.  Experimental projects have recently been published in Toronto, Canada and other countries as well.

The treatment is used both here in the clinic and as part of our home program. And when combined with treatments that address the cause of the cancer and a complete detoxification program, even patients with advanced cancers can recover without side effects.

One of our patients, Trina Hammack, is living proof. A wellness practitioner herself, Trina rejected chemotherapy to treat her Stage IV ovarian cancer and instead enlisted our help. Pursuing SPDT is a decision she’s never once regretted, and she now encourages other cancer patients to explore their options and think outside the box when it comes to treatment choices. I’m so happy to share her story with you!

Determined to Carve a Different Path

By Trina Hammack, ovarian cancer patient

Back in 2008 when I was 46, my 9-year-old son said to me, “Mom, you’re getting fat.” He was right; my belly was getting bigger, and when I touched it, I could feel a large “bubble,” for lack of a better word. After an ultrasound, my doctor diagnosed me with Stage IV ovarian cancer right on the spot.

The diagnosis was unbelievably scary. I’d lost my own mom to breast cancer when she was 48, and my grandmother had died of ovarian cancer at 36. I’d seen what traditional chemotherapy had done to both of them, so I was determined to do something different and not leave my son without a mom. That’s when I called Hope4Cancer. Dr. Jimenez and I decided I’d have my tumor surgically removed but decline chemotherapy, and instead send him my pathology report to develop an alternative treatment plan.

However, my decision to decline chemotherapy didn’t come without resistance. My surgeon even called me a fool three times! He then reached out to an oncologist without my knowledge, who went ahead and scheduled me for treatment. When I got the voicemail confirming the date and time of my first appointment, I called the oncologist and said, “I respectfully decline this therapy; I’m pursuing a different treatment.”

Despite this frustrating push back, my decision never wavered. When I’d recovered from surgery, I traveled to Hope4Cancer so Dr. Jimenez could create a home program for me. It centered on the Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy.

The first time I did my light treatment, I got a bubbly feeling throughout my whole body. I could feel the cancer cells dying from the inside out! From that moment on I was a believer, and I never missed a treatment. After my light treatments, I’d go into the bathtub and do ultrasound treatments so the sound waves could activate and kill the cancer cells.

Another part of my home program was a series of injections Dr. Jimenez had created from my urine, vaccine Autologous Antigen Receptor Specific Oncogenic Target Acquisition (AARSOTA). The entire program was initially supposed to last six months, but I felt so good on it I decided to continue it for a full year.

It’s now been seven years since my diagnosis, and I’m still doing well. I firmly believe I wouldn’t be alive today if I’d opted for traditional chemotherapy. Now, in my health care clinic, I encourage others with cancer to get to the source of their disease on both an emotional and physical level. I tell them cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence (even though that’s the prevailing thought in our society). In fact, the first thing I saw in my head when I received my diagnosis was a wooden coffin. But that doesn’t have to be the case; I’m living proof! Cancer instead should simply serve as a message that we need to clean up whatever is going on inside our bodies in order to be healthy.

I continue to teach these principles and share and inspire because there’s hope—there really is. We’re taught to be afraid of cancer and to blindly follow traditional treatment protocols, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Alternative options exist in clinics like Hope4Cancer, and I owe my life to them.

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