Patient Perspective: Changing Course after Traditional Treatments Failed

Patient Perspective: Changing Course after Traditional Treatments Failed

I’m so excited to see Rigvir Virotherapy at the forefront of worldwide cancer research, and I’m proud that Hope4Cancer is the only center accredited and authorized by the International Virotherapy Center to treat patients with Rigvir in Mexico.

Because we know the immune system is the key to healing any disease, the Rigvir virus simultaneously targets cancer cells as it awakens the dormant immune system—leaving healthy cells untouched. Unlike chemotherapy agents, nontoxic Rigvir has a completely safe clinical profile, an absence of side effects, and an ability to target cancer cells specifically to induce an immune response.

Rigvir represents a totally new paradigm in cancer treatment – a new form of biologically targeted therapy – and adds to Hope4Cancer’s portfolio of evidence-based cancer treatments. It’s also the therapy that convinced my patient, David Tapley, to give our clinic a try.

David, a talent agency owner, performer and melanoma patient, found Hope4Cancer after becoming frustrated with traditional treatments. He’s a prime example of how each patient at Hope4Cancer receives an individualized, comprehensive, nontoxic, total-body treatment plan. If, like David, you find yourself thinking there must be something better than traditional therapies, I hope you, too, find your way to Hope4Cancer.

Finding Hope at Hope4Cancer

By David Tapley, melanoma patient

About 25 years ago when I was in my early 40s, I was diagnosed with melanoma. After overcoming the initial worry and fear, I traveled down the conventional treatment path. I was treated with the immunotherapy drug interferon for a year, and was eventually declared cancer-free. Doctors assured me the melanoma would never come back.

But in 2013, it did. And it had spread.

During a CT scan for a blood clot in my saddle vein, a small spot on the lower-left lobe of my lung appeared. It was my melanoma once again rearing its ugly head.

I had the lobe surgically removed before flying around the United States to meet with various well-known oncologists to talk about next steps. I finally chose one, and upon instruction, began taking several new drugs, including trebananib and ipilimumab (Yervoy).

I wasn’t satisfied with this treatment, however, so my wonderful wife, children and friends began searching for alternatives. That’s when they stumbled upon Hope4Cancer and its Rigvir Virotherapy. I learned a little more about it and decided to give it a try.

During my stay at Hope4Cancer, I underwent several treatments in addition to Rigvir, B-17 injections, Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, full-body and indiba hyperthermia, infrared light therapy and saunas, Ondamed therapy, coffee enemas, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The treatments were unlike any others I’d had, and I’m so grateful I ended up at Hope4Cancer. The people are great and truly care, and my time there was rewarding and fruitful.

I handled treatment really well both physically and emotionally, and through everything I had – and still have – huge support from family and friends. My family especially is always there for me with plenty of strength and positive encouragement.

My Hope4Cancer treatments have allowed me to continue enjoying my loved ones as well as travel, garden and walk my Australian Shepherd. As a whole, my journey was one of strength, weakness, awareness, fear and blessings. And now, when I encounter other cancer patients, my message is always the same: If you can, go to Hope4Cancer.

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