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Is the Answer to Cancer in the Ozone? Ozone As an Alternative Cancer Treatment

Is the Answer in the Ozone?

Most of us know about the hole in the ozone layer, its role in the greenhouse effect, and the breathing issues that we have to deal with on days when the ozone levels are high.  Can that same ozone be used as an alternative cancer treatment?  The answer is yes, and the secret lies in the locked high energy oxygen supply that it can release into cancer cells. To know more about ozone as an alternative cancer treatment, read on.


Ozone As An Alternative Cancer Treatment

Developed in the 1950’s ozone gas has been used to treat many ailments and its use has been on the rise in the USA.  A normal oxygen molecule has two molecules of oxygen, but ozone has three. This extra oxygen molecule is what makes ozone different and more effective as a possible alternative cancer treatment.

Promise has been shown in the treatment of everything from cardiovascular disease to bursitis utilizing ozone therapies. In addition this treatment is growing in popularity as an alternative prostate cancer treatment and an alternative breast cancer treatment.

If you breathe in ozone it will make you cough and prolonged exposure can cause many problems. However, when it is injected into the body it acts much differently. It can be beneficial to the immune system and it can relieve chronic pain.  Another way of administering ozone effectively is rectally.  This overcomes any problems caused by the exposure of ozone directly with  the lungs.

White blood cells make ozone naturally in the body and the body uses it as part of the immune system.  The process for getting the extra ozone into the body is called autotherapy, and safety has never been an issue.


Five Properties of Ozone

1) Ozone helps the immune system. While there is no perfect treatment, ozone comes close. If the immune system is overactive, such as in patients with autoimmune disease, ozone is able to slow the system down. However, in cancer patients where the immune system is suppressed, ozone can stimulate the immune system.

2) Ozone allows for increased uptake of oxygen. Ozone works with the hemoglobin in the red blood cells. The extra oxygen in the blood allows the blood to give off more oxygen into the body. This increase in oxygen supply in the body acts as an alternative cancer treatment by supplying oxygen into the oxygen depleted cancerous areas of the body.

3) Ozone helps with circulation. Ozone improves the blood flow throughout the body allowing the blood to reach every cell, delivering the much needed oxygen.

4) Ozone improves antioxidant protection. Patients with many chronic diseases have antioxidant deficiencies. Ozone has shown that it can improve this.

5) Ozone acts as a mitochondrial stimulant. Ozone can improve the body’s ability to convert carbohydrates into energy. This allows the body to work more effectively.


Tissue Repair and Relief from Pain

When the body experiences pain,  adding ozone into the body tends to help, and this takes place by turning regular oxygen into ozone. Once the ozone is introduced into the body the relief from pain can occur. No matter what condition is causing the pain, if the patient has been experiencing pain for over two months, it will go away with one ozone injection. This treatment is showing promise as a way to treat cancer in Mexico as well as various locations in the United States.

Ozone works by getting more oxygen into the tissue cells of the body. This process also stimulates the repair process of the body. By allowing the body to create new cells faster and more effectively, the ozone treatment works well as an alternative cancer treatment.

There have been many documented cases of chronic pain relief that has lasted for one month or more, and some people only need one injection for total lifetime pain relief, although most patients need 2 to 4 injections to receive that kind of total pain relief.


Ozone at Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers

At Mexico’s Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, we use ozone for all patients, since proper oxygenation is a necessary requirement to defeat cancer.  Ozone is typically infused rectally on a daily basis. In addition to that, depending on the requirement of oxygenation, we now have a brand new hyperbaric chamber (a chamber that delivers pure oxygen under high pressure to the patient) that greatly improves oxygenation levels during the course of the treatment.


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