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The Fundamental Flaw of Modern Medicine

This is a timeless presentation from Professor Bill Nelson, the inventor of the EPFX/QX Biofeedback device, and world famous scientist and writer in alternative health strategies, describing the fundamental flaw of modern medicine.  Professor Nelson explains in his clear and lucid way why modern medicine breaks down in the face of chronic disease.  He also outlines the important warning signs (and LACK of warning signs) that herald the decay of health and the growth of disease.  This is in the category of MUST LISTEN for everybody – young or old!

DID YOU KNOW … That all Hope4Cancer patients, in addition to all treatments, also get treated with energy therapies during their stay at the clinic in Mexico? Many patients claim significant improvements during their stay attributable to their ONDAMED routines.

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  1. Dr. Jimenez: just sharing:
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    Berkeley Wellness
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    Is Sugar Ruining Our Health?
    A rising number of Americans are obese, putting them at increased risk for diabetes, stroke, various cancers, osteoarthritis, and other conditions. According to a panel of experts who gathered in September at UC Berkeley, there’s growing evidence that the sugar added to packaged and processed foods and beverages is a major culprit behind this alarming trend.

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