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Meet the Selmans – Cheerleading Hope4Cancer Ambassadors!

When you meet a couple like Mike and Kathy Selman, you know everything is right with the world.  Check out the video above and you will hear their status report during their recent follow up visit to Hope4Cancer.  Mike is steady on course with his Hope4Cancer treatments.  Yes, his journey to success is not over yet –  but with winning attitudes like the Selmans have, success is inevitable!


Kathy and Mike are constantly encouraging other patients in person and through social media; they infect others with their energy and enthusiasm. It is seldom that you hear them speak of their challenges, other than with hope and expectation for a cancer-free future. Instead, they focus more on being great examples and a source of inspiration for others.  That is why we like to think of them as true Hope4Cancer ambassadors.

Their recent status report:

“What did 3 weeks at ‪#‎Hope4Cancer‬ accomplish?


Many patients like Mike have found Hope4Cancer by hearing about it from the “Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” Docuseries.  For a limited time, the docuseries will be availalbe to view for free starting April 12.

Register now – you never know what you may find out that will change your life forever – just like Mike and Kathy did.




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