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Losing Weight: 7 Reasons Why Is It Easier Said than Done

Losing Weight: 7 Reasons Why It Is Easier Said Than Done?

(This is Part II of our weight loss series.  Also check out Part I of the series,  Ten Useful Tips to Lose Weight.)

As people age, determination and perseverance tend to get weaker.  How do I know? Well, lets simply say that personal experience is a great teacher! Isn’t it strange that all these things: restricting diets, exercise routines, keeping a positive mindset – they all need determination and perseverance? Lets face it, this is a real problem.

If you don’t believe it, ask yourself: how many times have you set a goal, went after it gung-ho for a few days, and then dropped it? Maybe you dropped the whole idea after a few hours forget days.  And then you told yourself that next time you will be more determined and stick to the plan. Right.  Maybe you are one of 1% in the world who do not relate to this thinking – this article is not for you. For the rest of the 99% – read on. In this second installment of weight loss articles (See our first article: 10 Tips to Lose Weight), we take a look at the reasons why we want but don’t take action.  So here are the seven reasons:

1. Lack of Knowledge and Skills.   We simply don’t know how to do it. If this is the case then seek the help of a skilled weight loss consultant with training in behavior therapy for weight loss.  They should really know not just about the science of weight loss but also about the dynamics of human psychology. We should not be afraid to admit that we may need help. While most of the information might seem obvious enough, the issue lies in the implementation. Once you get the right knowledge, you will be able to sustain your efforts a lot better.

As people age (1)


2. Your Effort is Being Punished.  Maybe you are surrounded by people who intentionally or unintentionally discourage your effort.  Sympathy can sometimes be extremely damaging.  Stay away from these offending people, they are toxic to the accomplishment of your goal! Find a comfortable distance  from them and stick to it.

As people age (2)


3. You Are Succumbing to the Fears Within You.  There are many fears that we impose on ourselves everyday.

Fear # 1— We are afraid that bad things might happen if we achieve the goal. This is a strange one called fear of success.  The fact is that this fear holds us back from achieving many of our goals. Try to understand what imagined negative consequences might be holding you back, what is at the root of that problem?  Remember that successful weight loss may hinge upon your progress with that problem.

Fear # 2 —Fear of the process.  People who have been through it probably have lots of ideas on how to navigate these challenges and will show you that the process may not be as bad as you think.

Fear # 3 —Fear of failure. Before starting, think very hard about what went wrong last time so you don’t relive the cycle all over again.


As people age (3)


4. Expectations are Unrealistic.   Even though you may feel like you are doing a lot, it still might not be enough to be really moving the scale.  Losing weight takes time.  Don’t expect it will happen overnight.  Just persevere and you’ll notice the difference in time.

As people age (4)


5. Bitterness.  Remind yourself that making healthy choices simply brings you to be the healthiest person you can be. Being bitter about the choices you have to make reflects on not clearly understanding the purpose of the choices.

6. Hereditary.  Sometimes the burden of a hereditary trend of being overweight weighs heavily on people.  Just because several (or maybe even all) of your family members are overweight does not necessarily mean that it is genetic. First of all, always remember that you do not inherit fat, just a tendency to become fat. What is more typically the case is that we inherit eating and lifestyle habits from those we grow up with. By kicking those habits, eating well, getting active – you can reverse the family trend. You will not only look and feel better, but you will be creating new role models for your family in the present and the future.

As people age (5)


7. Trying to Please Others.  Sometimes people try to lose weight to look good in front of others or to please them. That is a wrong attitude.  Do it for you own sake and not because of people in your life, or by feeling the pressure of society and a highly biased media that portrays abnormal role models.  Follow only those who are supportive of you and understanding of your goals.

As people age (6)


So let go of the things that are holding you back, because you have a great future ahead of you! Watch out for our next installment on weight loss, coming soon.

Source Article: Why Do You Say You Want to Lose Weight But Then Don’t Do It

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