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How Recall Brings Healing: A Mind-Spirit Approach to Cancer Treatment

One of my most astounding realizations in this journey to heal cancer patients has been the role of the mind and spirit in healing the body. We can address cancer in a variety of ways when we treat the body, but we have infinitely more success with our body-focused treatments when the mind and spirit are part of the healing equation.

I’ve seen patients who should have recovered based on their treatment results, but struggled to let go of their fears and resentments and died much too soon. I’ve also witnessed patients with advanced metastatic cancer who found healing through the power of prayer and a positive attitude — miraculously living well beyond anyone’s expectations. The mind is incredibly powerful when it comes to healing. In spite of all my body-focused medical training, I now know that no cancer treatment plan can truly bring healing if it does not include the engagement of the mind and spirit.

The Happiness Factor

When emotions like stress, fear, anger, regret, and sadness are held in the body, they can affect the immune system and make it difficult to fend off the growth of cancer cells. Researchers like Dr. Kelly Turner, author of Radical Remissions, found case after case of cancer survivors who learned to release the suppressed emotions of the past, focused on increasing their joy, love, and happiness, and healed their cancers. As she notes,

“When we feel happy and loving, our physical bodies are flooded with cancer-fighting immune cells, our emotional lives are free of stress and worry, and our social and work relationships improve.”

In her research, Dr. Turner conducted hundreds of interviews and researched thousands of case studies indicating “radical remission,” which she defines as “any cancer remission that is statistically unexpected.” Specifically, she notes that a “radical remission occurs whenever:

  • A person’s cancer goes away without using any conventional medicine;
  • A cancer patient tries conventional medicine, but the cancer does not go into remission, so he or she switches to alternative methods of healing, which do lead to a remission; or
  • A cancer patient uses conventional medicine and alternative healing methods at the same time in order to outlive a statistically dire prognosis (i.e., any cancer with less than 25 percent chance of a five-year survival.”

Dr. Turner identified nine key factors that appear most frequently in the 75 factors that she captured in her research. She found that the majority of Radical Remission cancer survivors embraced all nine of the factors to some degree to heal their cancer. In our own experience with cancer patients at Hope4Cancer, we have also witnessed these nine key factors at work in the healing process:

  • Radically changing your diet
  • Taking control of your health
  • Following your intuition
  • Using herbs and supplements
  • Releasing suppressed emotions
  • Increasing positive emotions
  • Embracing social support
  • Deepening spiritual connection
  • Having strong reasons for living

Two factors that Dr. Turner identifies as making a difference in surviving cancer — “releasing suppressed emotions” and “increasing positive emotions” — stand out to me based on my experience helping our patients heal their mind and spirit as part of our Seven Key Principles of Cancer Treatment. Recall Healing is the method that we use with our patients to help them get to the source of the emotional influences on their cancer and what might be holding back their ability to increase their positive emotions. Xavier Curiel, M.D., leads our Recall Healing practice and spends countless hours working one-on-one with our patients to support their emotional healing.

What is Recall Healing?

Recall Healing is a system that helps the patient and the therapist or facilitator to identify the potential root causes of a patient’s illness. This method connects the psyche, the automatic brain, and the body (also referred to as the Pyramid of Health created by Gilbert Renaud). Recall Healing brings awareness to life events that a patient has experienced on the psyche level as traumatic, hurtful, damaging, bringing loss of value, etc. It helps the patient to gain access to deep-rooted emotional trauma that may, in many cases, have acted as the trigger for disease and may continue to feed its growth.

Recall Healing is a framework that helps guide an ill person to identify the emotional trauma behind his condition. When stress occurs in a person’s life, the automatic brain’s response can be a disease or behavior. Gilbert Renaud explains it best with the following:

Recall Healing uses the “pyramid of health” to explain the purpose of a behavior and/or an illness. As long as the body is under the control of the automatic brain, what happens in the body is in accordance with that automatic brain. The Recall Healing® facilitator helps the client to become aware of the reason why such behavior/illness was a solution for that brain: mostly related to a trauma, a cycle of anniversary, a biological memorized cellular cycle, an ancestor, etc. During this whole process, the client with the help of the facilitator, builds the puzzle of his life which allows understanding why all this happened. Through the Recall Healing process the person optimizes his chance to reach his goal.

A Time for Healing

In a Recall Healing session with Dr. Curiel, a timeline is developed from birth to the year of diagnosis. According to the Recall Healing methods, we tend to repeat behaviors and patterns as we age, and the timeline helps identify the patterns that can set the stage for illness later in life. I’ve seen many of our patients emerge from Dr. Curiel’s office with an “ah-ha!” look on their face. With the help of Dr. Curiel, the timeline exercise shows their life events and allows for deeper exploration. Typically our patients reveal regrets and resentments that can be viewed as contributors to their cancer diagnosis. We’ve found that when a patient gains awareness of those deep seated regrets and resentments and can release them, their healing process is advanced.

Follow Your Body’s Inner Wisdom

I continue to be amazed by the mind and spirit and their critical importance to the cancer healing process. I truly believe that the human spirit and the innate wisdom of the body can overcome any catastrophic illness like cancer. I’ve seen it time and time again. Our goal at Hope4Cancer is to not only support the healing of the body through non-toxic alternative cancer treatments, but to also help all our patients tap into their own internal healing power. That’s the best partnership for healing that I know.

Which of Dr. Turner’s nine key factors are part of your cancer healing plan? Please share your experience with us by tweeting @Hope4CancerMex or commenting on the blog. 

2 thoughts on “How Recall Brings Healing: A Mind-Spirit Approach to Cancer Treatment

  1. A friend of mine is at your clinic for treatment. I have two autoimmune diseases (Lichen Schlerosis and Hashimoto’s) and I want to heal those and not get cancer. Can someone go through the Recall Healing without coming to your clinic? I have unhealthy thought patterns from childhood that I am sure could use some healing.

    1. Hello Tricia. We do also treat various auto immune diseases. We are not able to give medical advice directly through our website or social media platforms, but please contact our admissions office at 888-544-5993 or go to and fill out the form and one of our admissions officers can get you a consultation with our doctor.

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