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Hope4Cancer Home Program Support

Hope4Cancer Home Program Support

Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers is proud of its efforts to maintain a long-term connection with our patients throughout their healing process, even after they return home. The fact is that overcoming cancer can take an extended period of time. During this time, maintaining the discipline taught by the Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy is of crucial importance for continued healing.

Our Home Program Support Team is structured to help patients cope through that period of adjustment.  We stay in touch with our patients for at least one year following their return from the clinic, and often that relationship transcends the limits of time as many patients become part of our extended family.

Here are some of the features of Hope4Cancer’s Home Program Support:

Phone Consultations

Our patients receive periodic calls from our support team to answer questions and ensure that the patients are following there prescribed treatments.  We find that most patients need that time to get clarification on procedures, and sometimes simply to have someone to talk to that they can trust.  Cancer can easily be the most emotionally gut-wrenching diagnosis one could receive – our goal is to soften the blow, so that patients can concentrate on their healing rather than the shock.

State-Of-The-Art Based Communication

In addition to our in-person contact, we have recently introduced a powerful proprietary cloud-based communication interface through which patients can send messages directly to our home program support staff, and view their medical history and ongoing recommendations.

Free Return Visits

A good proportion of our treatment programs offer our patients complimentary 2-day 1-night return visits for consultation, basic testing and further recommendations. We have found that patients who have taken advantage of these return visits have fluorished.  Recent examples include Rivi Litvin, who is today cancer free from Stage IV pancreatic/bile duct cancer, and Sabrina B., who is successfully in the process of overcoming thyroid cancer.  Both these patients have found the accountability of the return visit a great way to stay on track, and have used it as a measuring stick towards their goal of stopping the disease on its tracks.

In some cases, the cancer goes away more slowly.  In those cases, our goal is to stop the growth of the cancer. While the patient is technically not cancer-free, the danger in cancer really lies in the rate of its progression. One such case of a person who has availed of returns to our clinic for follow ups is Lynn Harris, a breast cancer patient, whose interview was posted on our site recently.  Her cancer has stayed well under control over the past 4 years, and she is steadily making gains over it.  In all these years, she has never had to resort to any chemotherapy, radiation or surgery which has ensure that she could have a high quality of life, doing the things she wants to do with her family and as she says, “being me!”.


Our Commitment is Woven Into the Fabric of Our Values

Our commitment to extended support is one of the big reasons why patients choose Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.  In a world where getting a few meaningless minutes from your doctor takes time and expense, Hope4Cancer seeks to bring in a breath of fresh air, letting our patients know that they can count on us to be there for them.

The reason why we have this support process in place is simply one: we know why we do what we do.  Each of he members of the senior executive team at Hope4Cancer, starting right at the top with Dr. Antonio Jimenez, is part of the team for a bigger reason than just having a job to do. We all have compelling personal reasons why we chose to invest our lives’ work into the field of cancer treatment, and that feeling is probably best reflected in our long term commitment to the welfare of our patients.

4 thoughts on “Hope4Cancer Home Program Support

  1. I am in remission from breast cancer. DCIS
    What can you suggest to make sure the cancer does not flare up again?
    I have finished with radiation .

    1. Hi Neetu,
      This is a very good time for you to seek integrative therapies. As you know, cancer stem cells often evade standard therapies, and can result in resistant and more aggressive recurrent cancers. I would definitely be a very smart decision on your part to take action now. I would recommend that you request a free consultation on our website and speak to one of our patient counselors who will be happy to assist you.

  2. Greeting, I have brain cancer ( left side level 4) since Feb15th, 2017. I’m going for mri in another week so praying for positive news. I’m lucky to have great, encouraging husband and 2 daughters. I’m on a test for another 5 months which have 720 in the world so 10 people in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I would like more info. Thank you

    1. Donna,
      May you always have the blessing of your family’s support! I would recommend that you request a free consultation on this website by clicking the button at the top. One of our patient counselors will be happy to talk to you and answer your questions.

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