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Empowering Your Body: One Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment at a Time

Are you looking for a way to help your body heal without tearing it down to do so? A way that won’t take away the feeling in your fingers or leave your feet forever cold? Non-toxic cancer therapies are the backbone of our philosophy and the treatments we provide at the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers. Our therapeutics focus on empowering our patient’s bodies and immune systems to heal in the healthiest way possible. We work to rebuild and strengthen the immune system from many directions, including: nutrition, detoxification, oxygenation, and many more. It is our holistic approach that draws patients from around the world to our clinic.

The first of our Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy is Non-Toxic Cancer Therapeutics. While many conventional cancer treatments damage healthy cells in their quest to kill cancer cells, non-toxic therapies keep healthy tissues and cells healthy while attacking cancer cells. An added benefit of non-toxic therapies is that they are not likely to cause painful or inconvenient side effects. The non-toxic therapies we employ are clinically shown to reverse and stop the spread of cancer while improving the patient’s quality of life.

Hope4Cancer’s Non-Toxic Therapy Options

Our non-toxic therapies include Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, Hyperthermia, and IV Therapy Programs. Each treatment works naturally with the patient’s body to counter cancer cells while keeping healthy cells safe and without producing any significant side effects. We are constantly researching and testing new methods that have demonstrated high potential. Only products with high levels of efficacy and low-to-no impact on quality of life are introduced to our treatment program.


Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers is one of three centers in the world where patients can be treated by Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT), a highly advanced method of destroying cancer cells. Radiation treatments damage both healthy and cancerous cells and leave behind a lot of toxicity, but we have never seen any side effects from SPDT treatment.

SPDT begins with the administration of SP Activate, a non-toxic sensitizer that responds to both specific wave-lengths of light and sound. Naturally derived from the chlorophyll of algae, SP Activate remains in cancer cells but is released by healthy cells. When SP Activate is exposed to the correct light and sound frequencies, it “explodes” into free radical oxygen, which destroys the cancer cells. The inflammation caused by this “explosion” attracts the immune system to get involved in the process, amplifying the effects of the treatment. Since healthy cells are unharmed, SPDT does not cause side effects, leading to a more complete recovery.


Hyperthermia refers to the heating of the body up to approximately 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which damages and kills cancer cells and makes them more sensitive to anti-cancer treatments. Both local and whole body hyperthermia are available at Hope4Cancer. The procedure is painless and becomes a part of our patients’ daily routine during their time at the Hope4Cancer clinic and some patients continue the treatment as part of their home program. Both local and whole body procedures take 45 minutes or less, decreasing the opportunity for any side effects to present themselves.

IV Therapy Program

We offer four different intravenous (IV) treatments that target different types of cancers:

  • Poly-MVA ?treatment is a non-toxic alternative to chemotherapy. It has been shown to greatly improve quality of life, as it helps patients regain energy and appetite. It has also been proven useful for other conditions including asthma and psoriasis. There have been no witnessed side effects, and it is especially helpful to patients who have been treated with chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Laetrile, also referred to as B-17, is broken down in healthy cells by the enzyme rhodanese, which cancer cells do not produce. Instead, B-17 combines with an enzyme in cancer cells that destroys them. This “selective” toxicity ensures that only cancer cells are negatively affected.
  • High Dose Vitamin C, as an antioxidant, can protect cells from free radical damage and boost the body’s immune system, increasing its ability to fight cancer. Lab studies have shown that it reduces cell proliferation in many cancers, improves quality of life, and reduces the impact of cancer-related side effects. In high doses, Vitamin C has been indicated to directly damage the DNA and energy centers of cancer cells.
  • Double Helix Water is the result of new technology that has uncovered a fourth state of water that is different from the ones that we are used to — solid, liquid, and gas. This type of water is solid even at room temperature and has unique biological properties. As our DNA is our smartest and oldest form of natural healing, this new form of water, closely associated with the functions of DNA, is very exciting. Its potential in the field of health is virtually untapped.

What About Chemotherapy?

We are extremely sensitive about avoiding the use of any toxic chemotherapy, and we are able to accomplish that for most of our patients. However, once in a while a patient presents a tumor that is so aggressive that realistically they do not have time for our non-toxic treatments to work their “magic.” In these cases, our doctors recommend the use of a protocol called Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), which effectively delivers chemotherapy at a dose low enough not to have any significant side effects, without compromising its efficacy against cancer cells. Developed in 1926, this therapy uses insulin, which opens the gates in cancer cell membranes, permitting larger quantities of the chemotherapy agent to pass through.

Because the overall dosage of chemotherapy is much lower than a normal dose, its ability to hurt healthy cells is greatly decreased, giving the patient a better quality recovery. This treatment also takes the place of some more invasive surgeries and is much less frequent than the full-fledged chemotherapy or radiation procedures that we see in conventional treatments. In fact, once the immediate tumor growth is controlled with IPT, our patients are rapidly transitioned to our non-toxic treatments and whole body therapies to sustain their recovery.

Non-Toxic Treatments Are The Future

We are currently seeing a big shift in cancer healing — a move from treatments with many broad side effects to selective ones that specifically target the areas that most need treatment. This is resulting in significantly improved patient experiences and quality of life. With our non-toxic treatments, we are committed to maintaining the quality of life of our patients as we hasten their recovery. At Hope4Cancer, we continue working on new treatment modalities that deliver the promise of effective and safe recovery from cancer. In fact, this year we are reviewing three non-toxic cancer treatments for possible inclusion into our permanent arsenal.

There is increasing hope that the use of more natural therapies will move to the forefront of current medical practices. An article via Science Watch predicts that by the year 2025, patients will have “much more targeted drug treatments that result in fewer toxic side effects.” We are excited to be paving the way with the treatments we offer today.

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