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Covid-19 Update: Travel, Testing and More

Hope4Cancer COVID-19 Update

February 15, 2021

In light of ongoing international developments regarding COVID travel restrictions, we are reaching out today to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information about our treatment centers.

Your journey to Hope4Cancer is still allowed, as it’s considered essential travel. If you’re thinking of postponing treatment due to travel restrictions, know that your healing is a legitimate, time-sensitive, and legally recognized reason to travel.

Hope4Cancer remains open at both our Tijuana and Cancun locations and is still accessible via routes that come through the United States for patients located in countries that have restricted direct air travel to Mexico, e.g. Canada.

Our team is working one-on-one with each incoming patient to help evaluate the best way to travel to us, and we have new patients arriving daily.

We are proud to report that no patients from either of our treatment centers have experienced a positive COVID case to date thanks to the diligent safety and sanitation practices we have in place.

Travel may not be your only concern, click here for more information on “How Hope4Cancer is Protecting Patients from COVID-19 at our Centers”.

We’ve also implemented some new above-and-beyond measures to help our patients have the smoothest and safest journey possible, such as:

  • Providing FREE antigen COVID tests for you and your companion within 3 days before departure, through our Cancun partner hotels and in-house at Hope4Cancer Tijuana
  • Covering the cost of PCR tests for you and your companion, for those whose home countries require one
  • Introducing prepaid hotel quarantine insurance for all new patients and extended follow-up appointments to ensure that your accommodations and food expenses are covered in the event that you or your designated companion receive a positive test and are required to quarantine in Mexico before departure
  • Immune-boosting therapies in your daily treatment regimen to help strengthen your body’s natural defense against all kinds of pathogens.
    If travel is the only thing standing in your way, our Admissions Team is ready to help you navigate all of the logistics of getting here, as easily and effortlessly as possible.

Please reach out ASAP to coordinate the details around your specific circumstances:

U.S. Toll-Free Calls: 1-888-544-5993
International Calls: +1-619-669-6511

Our Admissions Department Hours operate in Pacific Standard Time:

Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm PST
Saturday: 9am-1pm PST
Sunday: Closed

2 thoughts on “Covid-19 Update: Travel, Testing and More

  1. Greetings friends! I am due to return for my 3 month followup in early April. Since I will only be there for approximately 4 days, does that mean my companion and I will be tested on the day we arrive so that there is time to get the results prior to departure? Is that enough time to accomplish the required testing and obtain results?

    1. Hello Michelle,

      It depends on which center you will be doing your follow up at, and where you plan on staying during your time there. I would recommend reaching out to Home Program Support at (619) 400-2082 for any details regarding your follow up, as they will have the latest information. There are specifics and details that they will only be able to give and I want to make sure you have all your questions answered.

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