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Worried About Colon Cancer?

Worried About Colon Cancer?

So … you are a proactive person and want to see how you can prevent major chronic diseases including colon cancer.   How do you know if you are in a high risk category for developing colon cancer? A wellness check with your doctor would be a great start. They should be able to tell you if you have any of the risk factors for colon cancer. While family history may have some connection, be aware that high risk factors include things like smoking, age, and diet.  Once you reach a certain age, your doctor may recommend periodic colonoscopies to ensure that you do not have any unnatural growths in the colon or rectal areas.

Colon cancer spreads slowly over time and it becomes progressively harder to beat, with mortality rates rising steeply as the cancer invades past the original tumor and into the muscle wall of the intestine and beyond.  In other words, catching it as early as possible is the key to defeating it.

Preventing Colon Cancer

One of the best protections you can have against colon cancer is a strong immune system. One way to make sure that your immune system is always strong is to eat a healthy diet. A good balance of vegetables, meats (sparingly!), grains, and dairy will improve your immune system. Foods high in antioxidants are a good way to improve your overall health.

The next thing to take into account when looking at the risks of developing colon cancer is your environment. If you live in an area high in pollution, it may be time to think about moving. If that is just not possible then you are going to have to try a few different things in order to reduce you risk of developing colon cancer. Keep in mind that toxins just sit in the body until you have enough of a build up for them to begin to harm you. There are various ways to rid the body of toxins such as regular cleanses, detox routines, infra red saunas and exercise.  Alternative treatments are available that will also aid your body in fighting off toxins.

So what if you already have received confirmation that you have colon cancer?  ALWAYS remember to maintain a positive mental outlook. Cancer is no different. Even – and probably especially – on your worst days you need to keep your spirits high in order to defeat this enemy. If you have been afflicted by cancer already, maybe it will help for you to know that you are not alone.  There are support groups that will help you delink from the heartlessness of the medical system and connect with real people who truly care about your situation.  Surround yourself with other people that have a positive mental outlook.

Colon cancers needs to bring out your strength, not your weakness – so step up to the plate and take a swing at it.  We strongly recommend that you seek out alternative cancer treatments to make sure that you are not just attacking the cancer but also ensuring that you are restoring your body.  Remember that surgery, chemotherapy or radiation is not a magic bullet against colon cancer.  Reducing tumor size does not change what caused the cancer in the first place.

Hope 4 Cancer is one of the world’s leading alternative, natural treatment centers for cancer.  Dr. Antonio Jimenez and his team have specialized in treating cancer holistically without chemotherapy or radiation for over 25 years.  If you have been diagnosed with colon cancer, feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation on how alternative treatments can help you.





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