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Cancer Controversy: Is Cancer A Man-Made Disease?

Cancer Controversy: Is Cancer A Man-Made Disease?

A controversial study published in Nature Reviews and featured in websites such as provided a startling conclusion:  that cancer may not be a natural disease, but something that we have created as a society.  We will provide the Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers viewpoint later in this article, but let us take a look at what this study has to say:

Researchers Find Virtually No Incidence in Cancer In Ancient Egyptian Mummies

Cancer accounts for 1 out of 8 deaths worldwide according to the World Health Organization.  This huge incidence of disease is not reflected in the study of hundreds of Egyptian mummies where only one case of cancer was discovered.  According to the authors, David and Zimmerman, “cancer-causing factors are limited to societies affected by modern industrialization.”  According to the authors, the civilization was not advanced enough surgically to remove evidence of existing cancers in the preserved mummies.  Out of all the mummies analyzed, Zimmerman found traces of rectal cancer microscopically in a mummy aged preserved approximately 1.5 millenia ago.

The authors also studied available ancient literature from the Greeks and Egyptians, and looked at animal remains going back all the way to the age of the dinosaurs.  Any available data is indistinct, and the first real reports of distinctive tumors come from about 200-250 years ago, mostly implicated to potentially carcinogenic materials such as snuff, soot etc.

In industrialized societies cancer is second only to cardiovascular disease, and is quickly catching up.  Cancer in the past, according to the authors, was rare at best. This leads the authors to believe that “there is nothing in the natural environment that can cause cancer.”

The Flip Side Of the Argument

Other studies conducted in the past have shown that the basis of the study may have been somewhat flawed.  The arguments against the hypothesis include:

1. Tumors have been detected in dinosaur remains.

2. The study does not factor in the life expectancy of people in ancient times, when most people would not live past 30 years of age.  The appearance of cancer in younger patients in the modern industrialized world is reasonably rare.  According to Cancer Research UK, 3/4ths of diagnosed cancer in people occurs in people aged 65 and above, while 1/3rd in those who are aged 75 and above.

3. Diagnostic tools for cancer are much more sophisticated, even compared to a few short decades ago.

4.  There is more to cancer mechanisms than just lifestyle choices, carcinogenic chemicals and pollution.

Hope4Cancer Insitute ‘s Clinical View

Hope 4 Cancer Institute provides effective natural cancer treatments to patients with all forms of cancer at various stages of the disease.  From its vantage point of treating patients with a whole body treatments for over 25 years, we have a fundamental understanding of the intrinsic and extrinsic causes of cancer.

While it is not possible to say with any certainty if cancer existed or not in the past, it is clear that cancer is a result of a destabilized metabolic system.  The industrial era has allowed the exposure to materials, foods and forced people into habits that promote the metabolism favored by cancer.  It is therefore not a surprise that the incidence of cancer continues to sustain unabated.  Changing the thoughtprocess towards food, air and the environment in general can go a long distance in reducing the incidence of cancer.

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