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Alternative Cancer Treatments and the Rubik’s Cube?

Integrative Cancer Treatments and the Rubik’s Cube?

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Some people swear by integrative cancer treatments, some people are decidedly on the other side of the fence.  However, what sometimes is seen across the board is a general misunderstanding of how integrative cancer treatments work.

Dr. Antonio Jimenez, Medical Director of Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, has made it his life’s mission over the past 25 years, to systematize the world of integrative cancer treatments.  Integrative cancer treatments have their extremely powerful strength, but they must be used with a deep understanding of how the various systems of the body work together.

Recently, in Dr. Jimenez’s thought-provoking article in the ACAM Voice, we clearly illustrate how integrative cancer treatments really work – or what you should understand to make sure that they work.  Integrative cancer treatments are not about a departure from science as many people think – they are about finding alternative treatment opportunities, vetted by scientific research, that do not carry the burden of toxicity that define many chemotherapeutic and radiation therapy protocols.

Using Dr. Jimenez’s Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy as a foundation, we compare the workings of the world famous Rubik’s cube.

Want to learn how the two are connected?  Click on the link below to read the full text of the article “Alternative Cancer Treatments and the Rubik’s Cube” as published in the ACAM Voice in their current September 2013 issue:

ACAM NEWSLETTER ARTICLE:  “Alternative Cancer Treatments and the Rubik’s Cube”

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